MyPuspakom Registration Guide

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We have created this guide to help driver-partners who would want to make a reservation for a vehicle inspection with Puspakom online.

Part 1: MyPuspakom Account Registration

Step 1

Click on ‘Register Now’

Step 2 – Registration

Choose account type ‘Company’, then choose ‘Enterprise’

Step 3 – Account information

Change Company Information to Vehicle Owner Information

Company Name → Owner Name

Company Registration Number → Owner’s NRIC number

Step 4 – Required Documents

Registration of Business → Owner Name

Authorization Letter → Copy of Certified Car Registration Card OR copy of Vehicle Ownership Certificate that has been certified by Commissioner for Oaths or JPJ Officer.

Click ‘Register’. You will be informed via email if your account has been confirmed to make an inspection reservation.

Part 2: Puspakom Inspection Reservation

Step 1

Login using the registered email and password

Step 2

Choose ‘New Reservation’

Step 3 – Lengkapkan maklumat kenderaan anda

Tip: Please refer to the registration card or vehicle ownership certificate for the required details.

Vehicle Category: Commercial*

Vehicle Type: Light

Usage Class: Private e-hailing

*Your vehicle is still classified as a private vehicle, the category here is for registration only.

Step 4

Choose ‘Berkala Pertama e-hailing’

Step 5

Choose your preferred ‘State’ and ‘Date’, to go for the inspection. Then, select the date and location that are still available.

Step 6

Choose your preferred time slot

Step 7

Fill up the details of the vehicle representative that will be present for the inspection.

Step 8 – Confirm your reservation details

You only need to bring one of the following documents:

  • Original Car Registration Card
  • Original Vehicle Ownership Certificate
  • Copy of a Car Registration Card which has been certified by the Commission of Oaths or JPJ Officer
  • Copy of a Vehicle Ownership Certificate which has been certified by the Commission of Oaths or JPJ Officer

Step 9

The summary of the total payment will be displayed here

Step 10 – Payment

Make online payment via credit / debit card / FPX . Please bring the Reservation Confirmation Slip during the inspection, printed or electronic copies are acceptable.

Scan QR code on the scanner terminal


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