How-to: Helping Passengers With Special Needs

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As a driver-partner on the job, you want to fulfil your passengers needs; taking them from point A to point B. However, you might get passengers with physical disabilities; they need extra attention and care to ensure a comfortable journey for them.

Ask Before Giving Assistance

Always offer a helping hand. However, do keep in mind that we should never do something without first asking, or indicating that we want to help. Respecting people’s boundaries is important.

Helping a Deaf Passenger

You should always look directly at the passenger and speak in a normal tone. Don’t assume you can’t communicate with a deaf passenger; they may be reading your lips. You can be more accommodating by writing it down on a piece of paper; keeping the written words simple and easy to understand. Be patient as they are trying to understand you as well.

Helping a Visually Impaired Passenger

Offer your help by asking them how you can help as they know what is best for his/her needs. Be clear when giving directions or instructions to visually impaired passengers. For example, “the stairs is 5 steps ahead on the left”.

Helping a Physically Disabled Passenger

Park your car in the most convenient way for the passenger to get on. Always ask for their permission before touching their mobility aid (wheelchair, crutches, etc). Take proper care of their mobility aid as it is a vital equipment for them. When you help your passenger to walk to the car, don’t rush; follow their walking pace.

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