GrabHitch to Work!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note that the deadline for this campaign has already passed, and we are no longer giving out incentive rewards for this campaign. 

GrabHitch is all about building a social travelling community.

Commuting to work daily in an empty car? Why not share your ride and pick up people who are going along the same way! You get to save on travel cost, meet new friends and also reduce the number of cars on the road!

What is GrabHitch? 

GrabHitch is a social ride-sharing platform that allows anyone with a car to pick-up and drop-off people going the same way in exchange for a fee. Imagine you are driving to JB Town and you tompang your neighbour because they are going the same way, well that is exactly what GrabHitch is all about! You get to pick the people you want to pick up who are going the same way as you are, so you don’t have to go out of your way to pick anyone. If you are in a hurry, you can always Hitch another day, there is no minimum driving requirement.

What’s great about GrabHitch is that you get to meet new people and also earn some extra money along the way!

Why GrabHitch?

  1. It is flexible! You get to pick the passengers and choose the routes that you want to drive on.
  2. Great for networking, meet new people who work or stay around you!
  3. Earn extra money, without any inconvenience
  4. Signing up is SUPER EASY and straight forward

Be a GrabHitch Driver in 3 Simple Steps !

  1. Click on the BLUE Drive Icon to sign up as a driver
  2. Upload photos of your driving licence (front and back) and a selfie
  3. Your application will then be approved in 1-3 business days.

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GrabHitch Driver FAQ

How do I do rides with GrabHitch?

Watch this video on how to use GrabHitch!

How much commission does GrabHitch take from my rides?

We take ZERO (0%) commission from your GrabHitch rides so you will earn full fares from the passengers you Hitch with!

Is payment via Cash or GrabPay?

Both cash & GrabPay payment modes are supported, you always see the payment mode before you accept the job.

Should I charge passengers for toll fares or additional waiting time?

No, GrabHitch fares already includes additional charges. Do not charge your passengers for toll fares or additional waiting time.

What are the requirements? Can I register using my existing vehicle?

Yes you can!  Simply sign up using your existing vehicle.

Note: For future vehicles changes, you need to change your GrabHitch information separately. For GrabHitch, simply update the GrabHitch team via email ( with your updates details.