Grab the Future, Together

Dear driver,

We’re excited to tell you of our plans and promises for the future of this service that you, of course, are a big part of.

Our New Name
From today onwards, we will be known as Grab. Whilst we started out as a taxi-booking app, we then started filling in more gaps in the transportation services around the region with cars, bikes, deliveries and more. Our simple idea of solving taxi-booking issues grew to something much bigger.

Our Promise To You: We’re committed to your livelihood
Changes will happen in Grab’s services but our commitment to you will remain one of our main pillars for years to come. You are our partner. By creating a sustainable, safe and enjoyable income stream for you, we achieve our objectives of creating a sustainable, impactful business. **Taxis, especially, make up the majority of our total rides and for that, we promise to serve you better.

Our Promise To The Passengers: Make every journey a delight
With you as our brand ambassadors, we need you to turn every passenger’s journey into an exceptional experience they expect from a dedicated chauffeur. Passengers can be demanding but are willing to pay for great service. And we are always ready to train and equip you to fulfill their expectations.

Our Journey
Thank you for believing in us and what we stand for. Now, we set out for this new journey and with you on board, we can Grab the future together.


Anthony Tan