Easy tips for a better drive in 2020

Enjoy a more seamless and efficient drive with these handy know-hows!

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As a community, we’ve always prioritised the well-being of our driver-partners by introducing many improvements and initiatives. Nonetheless, for a better drive in the new year, make sure to follow the following easy tips

Trip management

As a driver-partner, planning your trips daily will help you to not only earn more, but also better manage safety risks. Before driving for the day, plan your day and schedule breaks for your meals using the Earning Widget in the Discovery Hub.

If you feel tired, please make sure you stop somewhere safe and rest. As part of our on-going effort to safeguard your safety, we’ve launched the Fatigue Management Feature that will remind you to rest if you’ve driven for a long time. Do look out for this if you’ve been on the road for a while!

Safety Accessories

A good thing to have when driving is the right accessories. One of the most common accessories is the in-car dashcam, which you can use to record your drive and can come in handy if there’s a road accident dispute. It also doubles up as a deterrent against theft and assault.

We’ve partnered with Lazada to offer merchandise such as the in-car dashcam at a discounted price! Grab yours now and other e-hailing essentials by clicking here.

Read Feedback

The best way to improve as a driver-partner is via the Weekly Driver Feedback! Last year, we rolled out this feature to help our driver-partners track important driving statistics such as car and driving quality.

With this feature, driver-partners will receive a weekly notification on your speeding, cornering and braking habits. Once you’ve received this report, you can work on improving these habits to be a better rated driver!

Recap of 2019

Thank you for an amazing 2019! Look back at your journey last year with a short video below. For more info, check your Grab-registered email.


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