Code of Conduct: Top 4 Dos And Don’ts

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Are you familiar with the Code of Conduct and Terms of Services for driver-partners? We understand there’s a lot, therefore in this month’s newsletter, we have compiled some of the top common issues related to Code of Conduct just for you!

Read on to find out what are the top dos and don’ts as a driver-partner!

Dos 👍

1. Be a responsible driver-partner and practice safe driving

As safety is our top priority, driver-partners should always drive carefully within the speed limit and follow traffic rules. Don’t forget to also use turn signals when you’re changing lanes.

2. Keep your car squeaky clean and in tip-top condition

Other than washing and vacuuming your car, it may be useful to consider getting seat covers and rubber mats that allow you to remove and clean regularly. You should also check if your car seat belts are working properly, especially the ones in the back seats.

3. Check passenger’s payment methods and honour promo codes

Before dropping off your passengers at their destination, remember to check for their payment method and honour all promo codes applied. Please avoid overcharging your passengers (such as toll payments) or taking cash for GrabPay bookings.

4. Drive a vehicle that is registered with Grab

When you are picking up passengers or delivering GrabFood orders, make sure you are driving a vehicle that has the same plate number, model or colour as registered with Grab. Do note that it’s also strictly prohibited to allow other individuals to use your driver account and vehicle registered with Grab to complete jobs on the platform.

Don’ts 🚫

1. Do not pick up passengers when you have someone else in the car

Do not bring another person or have your pet inside your car when you are completing a job on the Grab platform. If you need to pick up your family members or friends, be sure to turn off your driver app for a better peace of mind.

2. Do not ask your passengers or consumers personal details

While it’s a good way to break the ice by talking to passengers or consumers, it’s not always easy to walk between the fine line of friendliness and harassment. Keep the conversations professional and avoid asking for personal details.

3. Do not force passengers to cancel jobs

Do not unreasonably cancel or transfer a job to someone else. Please honour the accepted booking and refrain from forcing the passenger to cancel the booking by not traveling to the pick-up point.

4. Do not install location spoofing applications

It is against our Code of Conduct to use a modified device or location spoofing applications to accept jobs when you are not physically available at a certain location. Please make sure to only use the authorised Grab Driver App and remove any third party applications that will modify your GPS location on your mobile device.

Kindly be reminded that all members of the Grab community are required to follow the Code of Conduct and Terms of Services.