Tips to Earn More

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Here are some tips on how to plan your driving shifts better and features that can help  optimise your earnings.  


Earnings Insight Widget

Introducing our latest section in GrabCorner, Earnings Insight Widget which allows you to track your hourly earnings and see the average hourly earnings trend in your city. This may help guide your decisions on best times to drive. To access this widget, head over to GrabCorner.

Tip: Driver-partners on Auto-Accept usually have higher earnings per hour.

Note: The Earning Insight Widget is not available in these 9 cities because of tech limitations – Batu Pahat, Kangar, Kemaman, Kluang, Kuala Terengganu, Labuan, Lahad Datu, Muar, and Sibu.

You may submit your feedback about this widget here.

MyDestination and Driver Choices

If you need to be at a certain place and at a certain time, use our MyDestination and Driver Choices feature to plan your journey better.  

Note: Driver Choices is a feature that will be made available to all driver-partners from Klang Valley (Klang Valley registered driver-partners) from 8 May, 4PM onwards. We will extend this feature to other cities in soon! All driver-partners may use MyDestination up to 2 times a day.

Find out more about the Driver Choices feature here. 


GrabShare Unmatched Trips and Driver Rating Protection

Accepting a GrabShare job gives you the opportunity to earn more if you receive a match! We offer cashback for matched GrabShare trips if you had Auto-Accept switched on.

Note: Your driver-rating will not be affected if a passenger rates a GrabShare trip poorly due to :-

  • Matched passenger’s behaviour; or
  • Long detour

We also offer higher cashback for un-matched GrabShare trips. You may refer to the Weekly Incentive Updates message in your in-app inbox for information on cashback amounts.

Note: We have seen that GrabShare match rates are the highest between 4pm to 12am. To increase your chances of getting matched and opportunity to earn more, we have limited daily GrabShare services to these operational hours only.

Time Boosters & Higher Demand

If you drive during peak hours, you may enjoy higher fares due to higher demand in some areas. We also offer Time Boosters to compensate you for trips that may take longer than expected to complete. For more info, click here.

Passenger in-app tipping

Passengers now have the in-app option of tipping you for excellent service! Here are some ways you can provide excellent service for your passengers :-

  • Greet them
  • Ensure your vehicle is clean
  • Check with your passenger on preferred music and/or air-cond temperature
  • Help them load baggage(s) into the vehicle if required

Movie Premiere of Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame

Top performing driver-partners & delivery-partners from nine cities were treated to a private screening of the long awaited sequel. Some of them even get to walk away with exclusive merchandise!

GrabAllStars Rewards – Monthly Highlights

GrabAllStars is a programme that provides benefits to driver-partners, through a wide selection of merchants. This includes cheaper pricing to reduce your daily expenses.

Here are some of the attractive rewards available for you to redeem this month:


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