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To be fair to driver-partners who have invested time and money to complete the regulatory process, we will be introducing several updates to the incentive payouts. We will now require driver-partners to show proof of regulatory compliance to receive incentive payments on time.

Racing against time, many driver-partners have been working diligently to comply with the requirements. However, despite various measures to improve processes and reduce regulatory costs for driver-partners, only 40% of our driver-partners have started the regulatory process.

Therefore, driver-partners who have NOT completed PSV training by 9 Sept 2019:

1. Beginning 16 Sept 2019, driver-partners will still be eligible for incentives but incentive payment will be delayed.

2. Submit PSV licence BEFORE 12AM, 31 Oct 2019, for incentives to be paid out*

3. Once the received PSV licence has been verified, we will reimburse incentives earned from 16 Sept 2019 to date of document verification, at the start of the following week. Submit early to get free credits (as per the image below).

*Incentives earned from 16 Sept 2019 will be forfeited if driver-partners are not fully regulatory compliant by 12AM, 31 Oct 2019.

Complete the following steps today:

1. Complete 6-hour PSV training either via GrabAcademy in the driver app or by visiting your nearest driving school before 9 Sept 2019.

2. Submit PSV licence & EVP details early to get free credits (as per the image above).

*If you have completed the PSV training at a driving school, please upload a photo of your PSV licence on by 9 Sept 2019.

As the 12 Oct 2019 deadline by the Ministry of Transport approaches, we urgently advise all driver-partners to start the process of getting their PSV licences today because it will take roughly 3 – 4 weeks.


Why is Grab doing this?
We understand that there are many driver-partners out there who have invested significant time and resources to complete the entire regulatory process. To recognise their efforts as well as the efforts of those who are still going through the process, those who have completed the regulatory process will be eligible for incentives payout.

Is Grab taking away driver incentives?
No, we are only delaying incentive payments for driver-partners who have not started any of the regulatory processes. This means you would not be able to see the time boosters on your job card, and will not receive payment for incentive schemes in the incentives section of the app. Not to worry, once you complete your regulatory process, we will be paying the full backdated incentives to you.

What happens if I don’t complete my PSV training by 9 Sept 2019
Your incentive will be delayed until you have submitted your PSV licence. Not to worry, we will pay the backdated incentives as long as you provide your PSV licence by 12AM, 31 Oct 2019. The reimbursements will happen weekly on Tuesdays, approximately 10-14 working days after you have submitted the documents.

I have signed up for training at the driving school, but the class is only scheduled after 9 Sept 2019. What will happen to my incentives?
Not to worry, just submit a copy of your PSV licence once you have it and we will top up all incentives earned between 16 Sept 2019 up to the verification date to your cash wallet.