Annual Partner Statement 2018

Now available to all Grab Driver-Partners!

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We are pleased to announce that Annual Partner Statement for 2018 is now available for you to view and download from your registered email with Grab! Here’s an example of the Annual Partner Statement:

As a Grab Driver-Partner, you can submit your Grab earnings for your income tax filing in 2018 via Form B to LHDN. If you would like to declare your Grab earnings, please refer to your Annual Partner Statement and key in your 2018 net earnings amount in the income field of Form B (Receive Income from Business/Knowledge or Expert Worker).

You will also be able to claim expenses for the following items:

  1. Fuel costs
  2. Car repairs and maintenance
  3. Car loan interest
  4. Zakat
  5. Other allowances under business and individual income


How will I receive Annual Partner Statement for 2018?

You will receive an Annual Partner Statement for 2018 earnings in your registered email address with Grab.

What should I do if I did not receive my Annual Partner Statement?

Check your spam/junk mailbox if you do not see the Annual Partner Statement in your email inbox.

I have never declared any of my Grab Driver-Partner’s earnings for assessment years BEFORE 2018. What can I do?

For assessment years 2012 to 2017, you can either make an online submission via the Form B or at the nearest LHDN office, based on an estimate of your earnings and expenses under the Special Program for Voluntary Disclosure before 30 June 2019.

You are also encouraged to disclose your Grab earnings for those years even if you were earning less than the minimum net monthly income of RM4,000.

What is Special Program for Voluntary Disclosure?

The Special Program for Voluntary Disclosure is part of the government’s effort in tax reformation. It is to encourage taxpayers to come forward on a voluntary basis and report their actual income in order to increase tax collection for development of the nation (“Voluntary Program”). The Voluntary Program covers the following:

  1. Income not previously declared / expenses over claimed / expenses not allowed and reliefs / deductions / rebates over claimed
  2. Reporting of gains on disposal of assets (real property & shares in a real property company)
  3. Stamping of unstamped instruments

To read more about LHDN’s Special Program for Voluntary Disclosure, click here.

Why should I take advantage of the Special Program for Voluntary Disclosure?

If you declare your Grab Driver-Partner’s earnings for 2012 – 2017 before 30 June 2019, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • No further audit from LHDN: All voluntary disclosures made will be accepted in good faith by LHDN. Further review will not be made on the reported information and audit action will not be taken on the year of assessment when the voluntary disclosure has been made.
  • Lower Penalty Rate: Lower penalty fee will be imposed under this Voluntary Disclosure of up to 15% of the taxable amount compared to 80% – 300% of the taxable amount for submissions after the Voluntary Programme ends.

I am a part-time Grab Driver-Partner and I have already submitted tax filings in the previous years of assessment. Can I still declare my Grab earnings?

Yes, you just need to submit a letter in-person at LHDN office with nett earnings you want to declare.


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