5 “Date” ideas for you & your car

This month, give your vehicle the love it deserves!

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As a driver-partner, you spend a considerable amount of time with your car – and just like your loved ones, it needs care and pampering from you.

So, in celebration of the month of love, why not bring your car out for a little “date”? Here are some simple activities that you can consider doing!

1. Checking tyre pressure

One of the easiest things to do on your “date” is checking tyre pressure! Flat tyres will not only affect car handling, but also increase fuel consumption and damage your suspension.

If your tyres are deflated, visit the nearest petrol station and add air into them. On top of that, get your tyres rotated and the alignment checked regularly, preferably every month. A quick check like this can make a huge difference for your car and your pocket!

2. Inspecting engine oil level

Another thing to keep in mind during the “date” is your engine oil level. Engine oil serves as the lubricant for the moving parts of your car engine and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

While getting it replaced has to be done in a workshop, you can easily check your engine oil level yourself. To do so, open the hood and locate the dipstick. Pull it out and wipe any oil off from its end. Then, insert the dipstick back into its tube and push it all the way back in again. Take it out and look at the end of the stick: if it doesn’t reach “Max”, add oil accordingly.

3. Schedule Car Maintenance

Don’t forget to take your car out for its scheduled car maintenance! Besides keeping it in tip-top condition, the scheduled car maintenance prevents major breakdown before it can even occur.

Check your car manual or maintenance schedule to find out the next scheduled session. Afraid you’ll forget? Just set a reminder on your phone in advance so that you will be alerted for the next session.

4. Replacing windshield wipers & brakes

Your car talks to you and it pays to listen! A few noises that you can take note of are the ones the wipers and brakes make. If your wipers squeak and don’t clean as well as they used to, then it might be time to get them replaced. Best part – you can get them everywhere and change it yourself!

As for your car brake, if it squeals when you use it, this might mean that it’s worn out. Visit a workshop to get it checked and if you need to, get the brake pad replaced. Worn out brake pads can affect the ability to stop, which can be really dangerous.

5. Getting your car washed

No one likes dirty things, so take your car out for a quick wash! Apart from keeping it squeaky clean, a car wash removes damaging dirt that can ruin your car’s paint job. You can also prevent rusting and add years to it!

A good practice to have is to inspect your car daily for dirt. Noticed bird droppings? Wash them wash off as soon as possible with water and cloth, as they could leave a spot in the long run!

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