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Grab reduces speeding in Indonesia with telematics data

Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, today announced the use of telematics to reduce speeding on roads in Jakarta.

Part of Grab’s ‘Choose Safety’ campaign to encourage Indonesians to choose their safety as a priority, and call for industry to follow Grab’s best practice safety standards for motorcycle taxis (ojek) in Indonesia

Jakarta, 19 September 2016 – Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, today announced the use of telematics to reduce speeding on roads in Jakarta. Grab has implemented a speeding monitoring system based on smartphone GPS location data to analyse and correct Grab drivers’ driving behaviour.

This is part of Grab’s ‘Choose Safety’ (or ‘Pilih Aman’) campaign to encourage Indonesians to choose safety as their priority and take a proactive attitude to demanding preventive safety initiatives from their motorcycle taxi (or ojek) service. The ‘Choose Safety’ campaign also calls for the industry to follow the best practice safety standards for motorcycle taxis that have been set by Grab.

Grab’s initiatives to implement best practice motorcycle taxi safety standards have been successful. Key results that show how Grab has improved road safety in Indonesia include:

  • Grab enforces that 100 per cent of GrabBike drivers must hold official motorcycle driving licences, in spite of limited regulations in the motorcycle taxi industry
  • Grab has trained 100 per cent of GrabBike drivers in defensive riding, and has implemented a defensive safety riding test as part of a rigorous screening process for all new GrabBike drivers
  • There has been an average of 10 per cent month-on-month reduction in GrabBike accidents, since the introduction of defensive riding training in March 2016
  • There was a 35 per cent reduction in speeding incidences in Jakarta, after Grab used telematics to monitor and send reminders to GrabBike drivers who went above the speed limit
  • There were 5x fewer unfortunate fatal accidents when using the GrabBike service, compared to other motorcycle taxi services or transport apps[1]
  • Grab provides free Personal Accident Insurance coverage for ALL GrabBike passengers and bikers – up to IDR 50 million per accident. This is two times over and above mandatory Jasa Raharja limits
  • Grab ties partnership with a number of hospitals in Jakarta which allowed both GrabBike passengers and bikers to get medical treatments without down payments when accident happens

“Many traffic accidents are both predictable and preventable, and Grab has put in place a holistic safety programme to reduce this. With telematics, we have a better understanding of the speed and traffic patterns on different roads throughout the day. We help our drivers, who spend 8 – 10 hours on the roads, by sending reminders to stop speeding. These interventions have been effective at reducing the number of speeding incidences. With the vast amount of data that is available through our large base of drivers, monitoring travel speeds is the first phase of other areas we are exploring to encourage safer driving,” said Ridzki Kramadibrata, Managing Director, Grab Indonesia.

Grab’s ‘Choose Safety’ campaign highlights need for best practice safety standards for motorcycle taxis

A survey[2] of over 1,000 motorcycle taxi passengers indicated that they considered motorcycle taxi drivers’ riding skills and whether they are covered by insurance to be a secondary priority. Yet over a third (34 per cent) of road traffic deaths in Southeast Asia are attributed to motorcycles or motorised 2-3 wheelers, the joint highest rate in the world alongside the Western Pacific region. There is a higher than average share of motorcycle accident fatalities at 36 per cent in Indonesia, where over 80 per cent of vehicles registered are motorcycles or motorised 2-3 wheelers. Indonesia suffers the equivalent of 2.9 – 3.1 percent of Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product in economic losses annually due to road traffic crashes.[3]

Hence Grab considers improving road safety standards in Indonesia to be an urgent issue. Grab launched its ‘Choose Safety’ campaign today, focused on encouraging Indonesians to care about their safety and call for improved motorcycle taxi (ojek) safety standards in Indonesia.

“Ojek is a universal transport service that Jakartans count on to commute every day, and people have become used to lower service levels. At Grab, we refuse to accept this and have proactive safety initiatives to try our best to prevent accidents. Passengers must change their mindset and demand more attention to safety by transport services. We need to take Indonesia’s road safety statistics closer to global standards, and we hope that other ojek operators and transport app providers will follow Grab’s lead to implement safety procedures and upskill ojek drivers – to make Jakarta roads safer for all road users,” said Ridzki Kramadibrata.

Grab kicked-off its ‘Choose Safety’ campaign with the online release of a thought-provoking video aimed at raising awareness on the importance ojek safety. During the campaign period, new GrabBike users can enjoy two times of free rides with a maximum fare of IDR 20.000 per ride by keying in “PILIHAMAN”. The promo code is valid until 9 October 2016 and only applicable for GrabBike service. In addition to free rides, everyone is welcomed to share their feedback on what makes them feel safe on a GrabBike via Grab in-app rating system for all GrabBike bikers after each trip. Each week, five users with the most outstanding feedback will be selected to win XXI Movie Card with total worth of IDR 3 million. Grab will also reward its GrabBike bikers who received the most outstanding feedback from the users.

Grab has an end-to-end safety programme, from daily operations to driver training to technology features, to ensure that both Grab drivers and passengers are best protected throughout their journey. This includes driver and vehicle screenings, mandatory defensive riding training for GrabBike drivers, free personal accident insurance coverage and in-app safety features, such as ‘Share My Ride’ and showing drivers’ profile information (number plate, picture and name) upfront in the app.

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[1] Based on internal Grab data

[2] Based on a Grab survey of over 1,000 ojek passengers

[3] World Health Organization: Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015

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