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Sneak Peek Behind the Success of Indonesian SME, ‘EatGood’, After Collaborating with GrabExpress

Not many people know that Grab services have also empowered more than 9 million micro-entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

  • GrabExpress helps SME in Pontianak, EatGood, to improve their logistic delivery quality.
  • EatGood’s catering delivery also helps to leverage Grab driver-partners income in Pontianak.
  • From March 2018 to December 2018, GrabExpress succesfuly increased instant and same-day delivery volumes by more than three times regionally.

Jakarta, 22 March 2019 – As the leading everyday super app in Southeast Asia, Grab continues to innovate its various services in helping people to fulfill their daily needs. Since Grab has gone beyond a transportation service, Grab users have access to various services available in the app including digital payment as well as delivery of food, goods, and groceries. However, not many people know that Grab services have also empowered more than 9 million micro-entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

Julia Lim, the Founder of EatGood, is one of the micro-entrepreneurs from Pontianak, West Kalimantan that have experienced the benefit of Grab’s instant courier, GrabExpress for its business. Started from her self-awarness, Julia decided to create a healthy food business called EatGood in August 2018. Julia saw great business opportunity in catering for healthy foods after realizing that finding healthy foods in Pontianak was difficult, especially since the demand had been rising. Therefore, Julia started EatGood business with her friend, WieWie as the chef. However, just like any other entrepreneurs starting their business, Julia also faced challenges in developing her business, including logistic.

Logistic becomes the main problem in EatGood business. In the first week of EatGood operation, Julia and her friend experienced a challenge in food delivery to each of its customer. Julia said, “We believe that logistic delivery is the most crucial element of the business because we need to preserve the food quality as we deliver it to our customers. In the first week of EatGood operation, we used a local courier to do the delivery. It was the hardest period for EatGood business because we received a lot of complaints from our customers because of the delay in the delivery.”

Realizing that there is a big challenge in the food delivery process, Julia tried to improve her business. GrabExpress provides her with the business solution she has been looking for to solve EatGood’s challenge in delivery. Entering the second week of EatGood operation, Julia started to use GrabExpress to deliver her healthy food service.

“GrabExpress has a big role in the development process of EatGood business that enable us to deliver our food on time. In addition to simplify and accelerate the delivery process, our customers were happy to receive the promo code provided by GrabExpress specifically made for our customers. Our employees, as well as Grab’s driver-partners, have contributed to the success of EatGood’s business by ensuring the food quality we made which in turn has increased our customer’s satisfaction level. Today, we have two employees preparing up to 70-80 orders every day with a total turnover of IDR 50 million per month,” added Julia.

Align with Grab’s commitment to sustainably improve its partners’ welfare, EatGood also contributes in improving Grab driver-partners’ income in Pontianak and in its surrounding. “Some of driver-partners are feeling helped by the delivery routine from EatGood. Towards lunchtime, some of the Grab driver-partners heading to location around EatGood to take orders from our customers. Currently, together with GrabExpress, EatGood has operated for seven months with the significant business development and increment of customer satisfaction,” closed Julia.

From March 2018 to December 2018, GrabExpress increased instant and same-day delivery volumes by more than three times regionally. Grab provides services with the widest reach in Southeast Asia, operating in 336 cities in Southeast Asia. Together with Pontianak, currently Grab operates in 222 cities from Sabang to Merauke, dominating 60% of market share in the two-wheel segment and 70% of market share in the four-wheel segment. In March 2019, Grab succeeded to become the first Decacorn in Southeast Asia and raised USD 1.46 billion of fresh funding from the SoftBank Vision Fund. With the current Series H round, Grab has received USD 4.5 billion of investment with other investors in this round include Toyota Motor Corporation, Oppenheimer Funds, Hyundai Motor Group, Booking Holdings, Microsoft Corporation, Ping An Capital, and Yamaha Motor. Grab will use this funding to accelerate its GrabFood and GrabExpress expansion as well as run a new business service in Indonesia.

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