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Grab Introduces Top Partners Program for GrabCar Driver Partners

Grab, the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, today announced a new loyalty and benefits program, the Top Partners program, for its GrabCar driver partners.

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Wahyudin (left) and Kamaludin (right) are two representatives of driver partners who have qualified as Elite+ Partners in the Top Partners program. Both of them have demonstrated the highest level of loyalty as GrabCar driver partners while upholding Grab’s values and service standards to the highest degree.


INDONESIA, 23 November 2016 – Grab, the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, today announced a new loyalty and benefits program, the Top Partners program, for its GrabCar driver partners. The Top Partners program is part of a larger, holistic drivers’ program to increase partners’ net incomes in a sustainable way. It aims to reduce the most significant expenses of driving daily – by providing comprehensive benefits such as discounts and financing options. Every GrabCar driver partner based in Greater Jakarta is eligible for the Top Partners program. Partners will be evaluated monthly for eligibility based on how actively they drive with GrabCar and whether they uphold Grab’s values and service standards.

“Our driver partners are the ones who have shaped Grab to become the trusted transport brand in Indonesia. We care about improving their lives – by enabling them to be a car owner-entrepreneur, reducing their cost to serve and allowing them to take home more pay. The Top Partners program is Grab Indonesia’s way of showing appreciation to our most loyal GrabCar driver partners, and ensuring that we look after them and their families’ welfare. We believe that by ensuring the livelihood of our driver partners, it will drive them to provide better service for the passengers,” said Mediko Azwar, Marketing Director for Grab Indonesia.

The Top Partners program takes on board GrabCar driver partners’ feedback on areas they need help in reducing operational costs, and includes the following set of comprehensive benefits. The Top Partners program is open to all GrabCar driver partners and depending on their monthly performance, driver partners can qualify for three different loyalty categories – Elite+, Elite and Silver – with Elite+ being the most exclusive status with the highest value of benefits. Grab will continuously source and update the range of benefits to outserve and ensure the best for GrabCar driver partners.

  • GBILL application. GBILL is a mobile application developed exclusively for Grab available on iOS and Android platforms for Grab driver partners. With GBILL, driver partners and up to three of their family members will be able to earn additional income by offering bill and payment service for prepaid reloads, phone bill, electrical vouchers, BPJS payment, and various other bills and payments service.
  • Lubricant and petrol discount. Grab has partnerships to offer 25%-30% discounts off lubricant purchases for all Top Partners and cash back on petrol purchases for Elite and Elite+ partners.
  • Healthcare insurance. Every eligible Top Partner will have the option to receive a special healthcare insurance program for him / her and his / her family: a discounted healthcare insurance scheme for Silver Partner and Elite Partner and free healthcare insurance scheme for Elite+ Partner.
  • Special meals promo. Elite Partner and Elite+ Partners will be able to enjoy special meal deals at selected restaurants. The deals have been curated specially for Grab driver partners. The meal deals are affordable and priced at Rp 15,000.
  • Car ownership financing scheme. Elite Partner and Elite+ Partners will be automatically eligible to take part in the Gold Driver Program. It is a program which provides the opportunity for driver partners to own their own car at an affordable cost, while enjoying perks such as free car and life insurance, free wifi, free training, free seat carpet and also assistance for SIM and KEUR process.

The Top Partners program is being rolled out in Jakarta with plans to expand to other cities soon.


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