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Ride with GrabShare and Share a Story, Grab’s New Commercial Carpool Service

Grab, the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, today announced GrabShare, the company’s first commercial carpool service that is being beta-tested in Jakarta.

  • Carpool for cheaper rides, up to 50% lower than GrabCar Economy fares
  • GrabShare pairs just two passenger bookings with similar trip routes and only allowing a maximum number of four passengers within a single trip
  • GrabShare brings more affordable fares to passengers, higher incomes for drivers and less traffic congestion

Jakarta, 13 March 2017 – Grab, the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, today announced GrabShare, the company’s first commercial carpool service that is being beta-tested in Jakarta. With GrabShare, passengers enjoy greater ride convenience yet cheaper rides while drivers earn more from completing two passengers’ bookings in one trip. GrabShare is the company’s seventh transport service in Jakarta, complementing GrabTaxi (taxi-hailing) and GrabCar (car-hailing) in the four-wheel verticals.

Every year, vehicle numbers in Jakarta continue to increase for worsening city traffic. According to the data released by Jakarta’s Central Statistics Agency (BPS DKI Jakarta), cars were on a second rank in dominating the Jakarta’s traffic in 2014 with 18.64% share after motorcycles. The growth of cars in this city also reached 8.75% in same year, the second largest growth after motorcycles and impacted to people’s loss up to IDR150 trillion per year according to the data from Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dinas Perhubungan DKI Jakarta).

“Grab sees an opportunity to improve daily commute and traffic congestion by reducing the number of lone commuters where massive number of cars is often on the roads with single occupancy. Successfully launched in Singapore, Malaysia and The Phillippines, since December 2016, GrabShare has been effective in attracting more new riders to the Grab platform. With GrabShare, we aim to maximize the use of cars to address Indonesia’s heavy congestion, particularly in Jakarta as one of its megapolitan cities,” said Ridzki Kramadibrata, Managing Director Grab Indonesia.

To get passengers quickly to their destinations, GrabShare pairs just two passenger bookings with similar trip routes and only allowing a maximum number of four passengers within a single trip for greater convenience. Passengers will only experience a maximum of two stops before reaching their destinations. For example, if Passenger A commences the ride and is paired with Passenger B, depending on the more efficient trip route, Passenger A may make a first stop to pick-up Passenger B and a second to drop-off Passenger B.

Conceptualized, designed and engineered across Grab’s three research and development centres in Singapore, Seattle and Beijing, GrabShare’s matching algorithm ensures passengers get to their destinations in the shortest possible time. The algorithm calculates and determines a match by factoring the closest available drivers, travel time, overlap of trip routes, detour distance and current traffic conditions before intuitively sequencing pick-ups and drop-offs. For drivers, GrabShare focuses on maximizing potential earnings by reducing the time and distance spent on a single GrabShare ride, enabling drivers to complete more jobs per hour to boost their incomes and reduce fuel consumption.

“Commuters in Jakarta indicated that they are open to carpooling as it offers a more pocket friendly fare and enables them to socialize with new friends. Drivers had the same feedback and wanted the option of taking short breaks between trips. GrabShare is designed with drivers and passengers in mind to provide the best carpool experience in Jakarta – passengers enjoy cheaper fares with minimal additional time spent on the road and more delightful rides with their friends, while drivers earn more from shorter carpool trips,” added Ridzki.

GrabShare, Carpooling for Indonesia

“In order to introduce Grab’s new carpooling service to the market, we will run a #GrabShare campaign in Jakarta starting from today. At Grab, we embrace and implement a hyperlocal approach to every single aspect of our business. We value the genuine meaning behind Indonesian local words therefore the name of our service, GrabShare, comes from a careful consideration as the word ‘share’ holds a deeper cultural bond among Indonesians. Indonesians are known to be very sociable and friendly with smiley greetings and mutual assistance as part of their core values and identity, as well as common etiquette. Through this campaign, we want to rejuvenate this cultural value and evoke the simple joy of sharing stories as well as rides with others,” explained Mediko Azwar, Marketing Director Grab Indonesia.

The GrabShare service taps on Grab’s pool of commercial GrabCar Economy drivers to serve the country’s growing demand for point-to-point transportation. Benefits of GrabShare to passengers include:

  • Cheaper fares

GrabShare fares are priced up to 50 percent cheaper than GrabCar Economy fares. Fares are fixed and displayed upfront. With Grab’s dynamic pricing model that balances supply and demand, passengers enjoy cheaper rides during non-peak hours when more available drivers are on the road.

  • Ride with a friend at no additional cost

GrabShare users can bring another friend on their rides at no additional cost, as long as both share the same pick-up and drop-off locations. To keep the ride comfortable for all, passengers can only bring one other friend per GrabShare booking.

  • Maximum two-stop and two-passenger in one booking guarantee

Passengers can expect no more than two stops before reaching their destinations and two passengers in each booking. This ensures everyone reaches their locations fast for less and greater convenience with maximum four passengers in a car. Drivers will wait up to three minutes for each passenger at pick-ups.

  • Instant booking

Passengers can book a GrabShare ride on-demand from anywhere, at any time and enjoy socializing with fellow commuters on the ride.

  • Ride with peace of mind

Grab’s Group Personal Accident Insurance covers all drivers and passengers in the event of an accident.

Benefits of GrabShare to drivers include:

  • Higher earnings

Drivers can complete two passenger bookings at once to receive higher combined fares with every GrabShare trip.

  • Similar trip routes

Every GrabShare match is designed to minimize additional distance travelled, reducing fuel consumption and time spent on a GrabShare trip.

“To create more excitement towards this campaign, we are appointing a number of Indonesian prominent public figures and radio announcers as our Share Buddy, such as Franda, Jessica Iskandar, Baim Wong, Gading Marten, Indra Bekti, Tieke Priatnakusuma, and many more. Starting from 20 March to 3 April 2017, lucky GrabShare passengers will have a chance to enjoy their trips with 15 celebrities and radio announcers as their Share Buddy, allowing them to share stories as well as engage in fun games to win fascinating prizes including ride discount up to IDR1,000,000.” added Mediko.

With the launch of this service, Grab aims to make on-demand transportation readily available and affordable without compromising safety. GrabShare enables drivers to serve more passengers especially during peak hours when demand can be three times higher than usual.

Ride Availability

Grab passengers can start sharing their rides with GrabShare by following three simple steps:


Step 1: Select the GrabShare option and input booking details before selecting “Book”.

Step 2: Wait for your GrabShare driver at the pick-up location. Drivers will wait up to 3 minutes to minimizing delay. Step 3: Share a ride and enjoy savings! You will be informed when your driver is picking up an additional rider.

How GrabShare works

  1. Passenger A selects GrabShare ride and is picked up by a GrabShare driver.
  2. Passenger B selects GrabShare ride, and Passenger A and B are matched. The Grab app notifies both the driver and Passenger A and B of a successful match.
  3. Driver makes a slight detour to pick up Passenger B. Both Passenger A and B can bring one other person to ride with them (for example, four seats in the car may be filled).
  4. The order of pick-up and drop-off ensures that both Passenger A and B get to their destinations quickly.

Download the Grab app today from the App Store and Google Play to experience GrabShare. For more information, please visit

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