It started with a question.

“Why can’t we have a safer way to hail a ride?”
“Can’t we give drivers better working conditions?”
“What if we could make life just a little bit easier?”

Okay, it started with several questions. Those questions led to a group of incredibly ambitious (and incredibly optimistic) friends starting this company in a tiny rented storage space somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

That was in 2012.

Today, that tiny company has turned into Grab, Southeast Asia’s largest mobile technology company that connects millions of consumers to millions of drivers, merchants, and businesses. Grab is taking on the largest problems that affect the region, including access inequality, outdated infrastructure, and income disparity.

Just like every single Southeast Asian, we’re still incredibly ambitious. We’re still questioning those everyday limitations. And we’re still incredibly optimistic.

Why Southeast Asia

Faktanya, Asia Tenggara adalah daerah dengan pertumbuhan tercepat di dunia. Meskipun banyak hambatan infrastruktur yang menghadang Asia Tenggara, lebih dari 73% penduduknya tetap yakin bahwa mereka dapat mencapai mimpi terbesar mereka. Dengan semangat ini, dan juga ambisi seperti kami, kami percaya, tak ada yang bisa menghalangi kita.

How We Empower Southeast Asia


To open up opportunities for all, regardless of background or ability.

We provide income opportunities to all groups of people, including the disadvantaged, as part of our commitment to push for greater inclusivity.


To provide technological solutions to improve and build safer, smarter cities.

Many Southeast Asians face everyday limitations like traffic congestion and lack of public infrastructure. As an everyday everything app, we solve everyday challenges to make life a little easier.


To protect our planet by minimising our environmental footprint.
We only get one Earth. Let’s take care of it.

We are introducing measures across our businesses and ecosystem to build a more sustainable future.

Interested in solving real problems? Join us.