It started with a question.

“Why can’t we have a safer way to hail a ride?”
“Can’t we give drivers better working conditions?”
“What if we could make life just a little bit easier?”

Okay, it started with several questions. Those questions led to a group of incredibly ambitious (and incredibly optimistic) friends starting this company in a tiny rented storage space somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

That was in 2012.

Today, that tiny company has turned into Grab, Southeast Asia’s largest mobile technology company that connects millions of consumers to millions of drivers, merchants, and businesses. Grab is taking on the largest problems that affect the region, including access inequality, outdated infrastructure, and income disparity.

Just like every single Southeast Asian, we’re still incredibly ambitious. We’re still questioning those everyday limitations. And we’re still incredibly optimistic.

Why Southeast Asia

You mean apart from the fact that this is the fastest growing region in the world? Despite the many infrastructural hurdles Southeast Asians face, over 73% continue to believe that they will achieve their biggest dreams in this lifetime. With an attitude like that, and ambition like ours, sky’s the limit.

How We Empower Southeast Asia


From drivers, merchants, agents, delivery partners, to startups, we provide multiple earning opportunities to millions across the region.


We will make financial inclusion for the underserved a reality by providing financing options through lending products and protection services.


As an everyday everything app, we provide access to safer, higher quality everyday services that help people overcome their daily limitations.

Interested in solving real problems? Join us.