15k Discount Off your First Ride with GrabCar

Get IDR 15k discount off your first ride with GCFIRST15 promo code.

Period of promo: 5- 6 April 2016

How to use GCFIRST15 promo code:

  1. Download GRAB app for free from AppStore or PlayStore
  2. Choose your pick-up point and destination
  3. Select GrabCar
  4. Then click “Next”
  5. Enter GCFIRST15 on promo code column (insert “Notes to Driver” if necessary).
  6. Click “Book GrabCar”

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promo code is only available for GrabCar users through GRAB app
  2. Every first GrabCar users who have inserted GCFIRST15 promo code is eligible to receive a discounted ride of IDR 15k
  3. This promo code is only valid until you receive a notification via in-app (only after our system has found a car for you)
  4. This promo code is only available for 1x usage per registered number
  5. This promo code is applicable from 5- 6 April 2016
  6. This promo code may not be combined with any other promos
  7. There is no minimum fee or booking fee for this promo