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Grab Launches GrabBike (Win) in Bangkok for Faster Rides and Greater Connectivity between Local Districts

  • Bangkok passengers can now book GrabBike (Win) via the Grab app for door-to-door rides and choose to pay by cash or GrabPay
  • Communicate with drivers easily using GrabChat in-app instant messaging before trips
  • GrabBike (Win) driver-partners and passengers receive protective gears for enhanced safety

Bangkok, Thailand, 2 May 2017 – Grab, the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, today officially launched its GrabBike (Win) service after a successful pilot trial. GrabBike (Win) is Grab’s partnership with the widely available and popular Win motorbike taxi service, using legally registered drivers and motorbikes.

Starting today, passengers can use the Grab app to book an on-demand GrabBike (Win) ride and request for a pick-up from their doorsteps to any location within Bangkok, instead of walking to the local Win street corner. GrabBike is Grab’s fastest growing service in Southeast Asia, providing locals and visitors with a faster and more reliable way of getting around in traffic-congested cities.

Step 1: Type your pick-up and drop-off locations, select the GrabBike (Win) tab at the bottom before selecting “Book”. Step 2: Grab searches for available GrabBike (Win) drivers and assigns one in close proximity to the passenger. Step 3: The app displays the assigned driver details, enables you to locate the driver in real-time, and gives an estimated arrival time. Step 4: At the end of the trip, passengers rate their driver and share their feedback in the comment box.

Figure 1: Steps for booking a GrabBike (Win) trip

GrabBike (Win) is intended to complement the city’s existing public transport services, and fulfills passengers’ needs for quick, efficient and affordable connectivity between districts, especially during peak hours with severe traffic congestion in the inner city areas.

“Grab is excited to launch our GrabBike (Win) service, working with participating driver-partners to provide fast and convenient on-demand rides to people visiting, working and living in Bangkok. We worked closely with the Department of Land Transport for our trial service and are now expanding GrabBike (Win) to cover all areas of Bangkok. Grab stands for greater transport freedom, safety and accessibility for the Thai people and we are committed to continuously improve the livelihoods of our driver-partners through the Grab platform,” said Wee Tang Yee, Country Head of Grab Thailand.

Applying technology to benefit people

The GrabBike (Win) trial service provided Win driver-partners the opportunity to learn and make better use of the Grab app and its features to complete more rides.

Grab’s ride-hailing technology is improving the efficiency of the current Win system by better balancing driver supply and passenger demand between Win spots within city districts. This helps reduce passenger waiting times and increase driver productivity resulting in higher daily incomes for Win driver-partners without increasing their work time.

Driver-partners are relying on GrabChat, Grab’s instant messaging platform, to communicate with passengers without leaving the Grab app while saving on call and SMS charges. Communications between drivers and passengers before pickups help locate, share an estimated arrival time and inform one another of arrivals. Driver-partners are advised to use their mobile devices only when their vehicles are stationary.

GrabChat is designed with safety in mind for its driver-partners. To enable fast and safe communication between driver-partners and passengers with a tap of a button, GrabChat includes commonly used template messages for driver-partners and passengers. In addition, template messages now auto-translates between English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, simplified Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese to aid communications between regional travellers and driver-partners.

Travel affordably and safely with GrabBike (Win)

The GrabBike (Win) service is served by legal motorbike taxi drivers licensed to operate commercial taxi motorbike services in Bangkok by the Department of Land Transport. GrabBike (Win) fares are priced the same as local Win bike rides and displayed within the app before passengers make their bookings.

Passengers can pay for rides with cash or choose a more seamless ride experience by making cashless payments using GrabPay, Grab’s in-app cashless payment platform. With GrabPay, the fare is charged to a passenger’s registered credit card on the app after completing a ride, enabling passengers to just hop-off after a trip to continue with their day without fumbling for cash and waiting for change.

To ensure the safety and well-being of passengers, all GrabBike (Win) motorbikes are equipped with helmets for driver-partners and passengers as well as protective jackets for driver-partners. Driver-partners and passengers also qualify for free Group Personal Accident Insurance coverage, giving them greater peace of mind when travelling with Grab. In addition, passengers can update their loved ones with their current trip information and location using Grab’s Share my Ride safety feature.

Fare calculation for trips below five kilometres (km)
Starting fare (including the first 2km) 25 THB
Fare per kilometre (between 2.1 km to 5km) 5 THB / km
Fare calculation for trips above five kilometers (km)
Starting fare 50THB
Fare per kilometre 10 THB / km (from 5.1 to 15km)

15 THB / km (from 15.1km onwards)

Table 1: GrabBike (Win) trip pricing model

To start booking a GrabBike (Win) ride, download the Grab app from Google Play or iOS App Store. For more information, please visit



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