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February 7, 2019 Tops and GrabFood Introducing Online to Offline Platform For “Chocolate Love Delivery” Campaign on Valentine’s Day plus Free BNK48 Cards
  • Six customers who get the highest purchase value of the Chocolate Especially For You and Chocolate Love Gift Set exclusive gift sets (minimum Baht 1,998 per order) will receive free BNK48 Cards
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    January 31, 2019 Central Group strikes landmark digital deal, investing US$200 million in Grab Thailand to create the new ‘experience economy’ for Thais
    • The strategic partnership of Thailand’s largest omnichannel retail conglomerate and Southeast Asia’s leading online-to-offline mobile platform to revolutionize the retail and service industry as well as to create jobs and economic prosperity for Thais
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    January 30, 2019 Grab collaborates with leading partners to launch “Grab Heng Heng Heng; the More You Ride, the More You Get” campaign, offering prizes total worth more than 100 MB*
    • Continue to strengthen its partnership strategy by joining hands with top leading brands to provide newest promotions and more rewards to fulfill customers’ daily lifestyle needs
    • Welcome Chinese New Year with big celebration campaign, “Grab Heng Heng Heng; The More You Ride, The More You Get”, offering prizes total worth more than 100MB* to reward customers with various privileges including chances to win grand prizes such as Toyota car and Honda motorbikes for every Grab’s service used during 4 – 10 February 2019
    • Leap forward further with double growth from all services combined in 2018 and fast achievement in reaching 3 billion ride milestones in SEA recently
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    January 24, 2019 Grab Protects its Motorcycle Taxi Drivers for the Second Consecutive Year, Distributes N95 Respirator Masks to Battle Bangkok Smog
    • This is one of Grab’s many schemes aimed at improving the livelihoods and well-being of motorcycle taxi drivers and Grab’s driver-partners. With its support at the roadshow to regulate motorcycle taxi drivers, Grab is manifesting a shared goal with the NCPO and the Department of Land Transport
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    January 22, 2019 Grab joins with TAT to support domestic travel, offering special promotions for visitors to the Thailand Tourism Festival 2019
    • Special offers to various destinations across the country and joint encouragement to ‘Reduce-Reuse-Recycle’ to raise awareness of and promote sustainable tourism
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