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Grab Launches GrabWheels As Innovative Green Mobility Solution at UI Depok Campus

Grab, the leading super app in Southeast Asia, and Universitas Indonesia (UI), one of the leading and largest universities in Indonesia, today launched GrabWheels, an innovative green mobility solution at UI Campus in Depok.

  • GrabWheels is a continuation of the strategic collaboration between Grab and Universitas Indonesia that was launched in May to improve Indonesian Tech Talent
  • The service will be available in select locations at the Faculty of Engineering’s UI Campus in Depok
  • During the pilot period, users can experience the service by downloading the beta version of the GrabWheels app on their iOS and Android devices

Depok, 17 July 2019 –Grab, the leading super app in Southeast Asia, and Universitas Indonesia (UI), one of the leading and largest universities in Indonesia, today launched GrabWheels, an innovative green mobility solution at UI Campus in Depok. This launch of Grab’s e-scooter is the latest manifestation of the strategic collaboration since May 2019[1]. Together with UI, Grab is committed to providing a smart and green mobility solution for all UI academicians.

The launch also marked Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Engineering’s 55th anniversary that was attended by the Dean of UI Faculty of Engineering Dr. Ir. Hendri D.S. Budiono, M.Eng, and President of Grab Indonesia Ridzki Kramadibrata, at the Ruang Chevron, Faculty of Engineering, UI Kampus Depok. The event was also witnessed by the Faculty of Engineering UI’s management team; Executive Director of Grab Indonesia Ongki Kurniawan; student representatives and Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Engineering UI (BEM FTUI).

Ridzki Kramadibrata, President of Grab Indonesia, said, “After launching GrabWheels in several major locations in Jabodetabek, we are pleased to be able to offer this service at UI’s Campus in Depok. Together with the university, we hope that GrabWheels can answer the needs of students, lecturers and all UI academics for practical and environmentally friendly transportation options that will provide new experiences in getting around campus. Until now, GrabWheels, the first electric scooter service in Indonesia, has received positive responses in various locations and we hope UI will immediately benefit from Grab’s latest transportation solution.”

In welcoming the GrabWheels service, Dr. Ir. Hendri D.S. Budiono, M.Eng, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, UI revealed, “As the best university in Indonesia, UI is committed to providing the best transportation facilities for our campus environment. GrabWheels’ presence in the Faculty of Engineering UI Depok campus is in line with our mission to develop an IT based environment. GrabWheels is the perfect example of an IT-based transportation service that will be a good start in providing a choice of environmentally-friendly transportation services while ensuring a healthy lifestyle for all UI academics. We also hope this collaboration with Grab can continue to foster the spirit of research and innovation of our students to further advance the nation through technological innovation.”

The launch of GrabWheels service at UI’s Campus in Depok is a continuation of the strategic collaboration between Grab and UI established since last May in order to support education, research and community services at UI. In this collaboration, Grab, through the Grab Ventures Velocity (GVV) program, will also be a strategic partner for the development program built by UI, to nurture startups focused in technology, medical and social fields. With this collaboration, Grab hopes to contribute in forming more technopreneurs so they can develop technological solutions and create new economic opportunities in Indonesia.

Keen to experience GrabWheels at IU’s Campus in Depok?

Grab users can easily access this service by downloading the GrabWheels beta app on their iOS and Android devices during the pilot period. They can then go to a GrabWheels parking station at selected locations within FT UI’s Campus in Depok. They can unlock the e-scooter just by scanning the barcode with the application to begin exploring UI’s Campus in Depok. Once the user reaches his or her destination, the GrabWheels app will navigate them to the nearest parking station to return the e-scooter.

During the pilot period, to assure users’ safety, Grab will educate users on safety riding behaviors through in-app messages and they will be strongly recommended to wear a helmet as a crucial safety feature. During the pilot period, Grab will also assign a special team to help users with technical issues.  The company will soon be introducing this app into the main Grab super app.

Grab is currently open to provide GrabWheels services in other locations in Jabodetabek area. For partners who are interested in offering this service can contact the GrabWheels team at


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