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OVO, Tokopedia, Grab Announces “Patungan Untuk Berbagi” Ramadan Campaign

OVO, Tokopedia and Grab today announced the largest digital-based social collaboration in Indonesia named ‘Patungan untuk Berbagi’ which enable all Indonesian to take part in donation efforts through OVO, Tokopedia and Grab platforms during the month of Ramadan, to support a sustainable education for the children of Indonesia.

Indonesia’s largest digital ecosystem comes together to raise awareness for the education of Indonesian orphans in a massive digital driven donations campaign

Jakarta, 2 May 2019 – In conjunction with the National Education Day on May 2nd, OVO, Tokopedia and Grab today announced the largest digital-based social collaboration in Indonesia named ‘Patungan untuk Berbagi’ which enable all Indonesian to take part in donation efforts through OVO, Tokopedia and Grab platforms during the month of Ramadan, to support a sustainable education for the children of Indonesia. According to National Socio-Economic Household Survey (SUSENAS) in 2017, there are still 4.4 million of Indonesian children, including orphans and the underprivileged, lacking access to sustainable education. The collected donations will be distributed by Rumah Yatim foundation to provide such access to proper and sustainable education.

Raising awareness and inciting action, Patungan Untuk Berbagi aims to provide scholarship and school necessities for Indonesian orphans, through a collaborative festival conducted in 8 major Indonesian cities, showcasing the biggest parcels for Indonesian orphans. Furthermore, users can contribute to the cause by scanning a designated QR code that will be present in all festivals. OVO, Tokopedia and Grab will match each donation made, with total amount up to IDR 10 Billion, significantly underlining the campaign’s commitment to the importance of sustainable orphan education.

Indonesian ICT Minister, Rudiantara, said, “We really appreciate and support the Patungan Untuk Berbagi movement, initiated by Tokopedia, OVO and Grab, during this Ramadan celebration. This social movement has proven that digital ecosystem can move Indonesian to share and spread goodness easier. The digital ecosystems are ones who have shown massive examples in the implementation of sharing and cooperative economy. This is a proud moment where the spirit of local wisdom promoted and preserved by businesses shouldered by our millennial generation.”

“As an Indonesian technology company, Tokopedia, together with OVO and Grab, is inviting all Indonesians to take part in the act of sharing kindness with others, which can be made more easily through technology,” said Co-Founder and Vice Chairman Tokopedia, Leontinus Alpha Edison. On February 2018, the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers or APJII revealed that there are 143.26 million people, equivalent to 54.7 percent of the Indonesian population, that have access to the internet. “We believe that through the increasingly inclusive access to internet, this Patungan untuk Berbagi movement can gather greater support from the communities and ultimately contributed to the children in need. Tokopedia also believes that better education will help create better opportunities and better quality in life in the future,” he added.

Director of OVO, Harianto Gunawan, added, “As part of the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia, OVO continuously expands our use cases to encompass various aspects of daily lives. From transport, e-commerce to warungs and food stalls, OVO continues to onboard more Indonesians into the cashless society, especially on the convenience and security of cashless transaction. ‘Patungan untuk Berbagi’ shares the spirit of sharing and enables Indonesian to extend their goodwill easily through cashless transactions, enabled on OVO, Tokopedia and Grab. We believe that this movement will deliver great impact to the acceleration and democratization of digital economy, and at the same time, nurturing a competent, creative, innovative and digital-savvy young generation.”

President of Grab Indonesia, Ridzki Kramadibrata, expressed, “In the Ramadan season, we would like to contribute in helping Grab’s users closer with people in need, including orphans. As the leading everyday super app in Southeast Asia, we continuously innovate our platform to fulfill users’ daily needs. Besides providing ride-hailing service, food delivery, goods delivery and digital payment to our users in Indonesia, we also hope that Grab’s technology innovation can help users to share kindness to other people during the Holy Month. Through the collaboration between these three companies with the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia, which is also in line with Grab’s #TechForGood mission, we expect to increase public social participation in Indonesia.”

Deputy Director Rumah Yatim, Lili Herliana Abdurrahman, encourages all Indonesian communities to participate in this movement. “The chain of poverty can be ended through better education. We hope that many Indonesian people will be encouraged to take part in this Patungan untuk Berbagi movement to support the education for millions of children in need.”

Festival Patungan untuk Berbagi conducted in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Palembang, Medan and Makassar, will feature various merchants and entertainment for visitors to bask in the Ramadan festivities. Hundreds of merchants from OVO, Tokopedia and GrabFood will be spoiling visitors for choices, while interactive games, and various engaging activities will keep everyone entertained during the festivities. There will also be a break fasting event with more than 500 orphans in each city.

Throughout the festival, visitors can directly contribute to the cause by using the QR code available at the Patungan untuk Berbagi booth, while witnessing the multiplying content of the largest school necessities parcel, mirroring the growing number of donations. The collaboration of the three technology companies is hoped to become the key to move Indonesian society together in contributing to a better economy. One of the ways to end the chain of poverty is through the act of donation for a more accessible and sustainable education for millions of orphans in Indonesia.


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