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OVO, Grab and Tokopedia Disburses over IDR 11 Bio Donations for Indonesian Orphan’s Sustainable Education

Indonesia’s digital donation drive by the nation’s largest digital ecosystem ends after inciting awareness across the country, on the plight of Indonesian orphans to obtain sustainable education.


  • Indonesia’s digital donation drive by the nation’s largest digital ecosystem ends after inciting awareness across the country, on the plight of Indonesian orphans to obtain sustainable education.
  • OVO, Grab and Tokopedia as Indonesia’s most robust digital ecosystem underlines the role of technology for good.
  • Rumah Yatim as Patungan Untuk Berbagi disbursement partner has provided over 4,000 Indonesian orphans with school supplies throughout the Ramadan month.
  • The disbursement efforts will continue to reach more than 30,000 Indonesian orphans.


Jakarta, 13th June 2019 – OVO, Grab and Tokopedia Patungan Untuk Berbagi campaign ends with a lasting impact on Indonesian orphan education. The digital donation drive which was launched in 2 May 2018, invited users to participate in providing sustainable education for Indonesian orphans, total donations garnered was multiplied by OVO, Grab and Tokopedia. The total donation amount of IDR 11,5 billion was revealed by Setiawan Adhiputro, Direktur OVO, Ridzki Kramadibrata, President of Grab Indonesia and Nuraini Razak, VP of Corporate Communications, Tokopedia, and witnessed by Nugroho BW, Director, Rumah Yatim.

During the month-long campaign, OVO, Grab and Tokopedia also conducted Festival Patungan Untuk Berbagi event in 8 cities, where total of 380 merchants from GrabFood and Tokopedia provided visitors with the chance to revel in the Ramadan festivities with their families and loved ones. The festival also brought together 800 orphans and enjoyed iftar feast with visitors and government representatives from a number of cities.

OVO, Grab and Tokopedia users enjoyed a seamless donation experience through all three apps, underlining the ease and growing comfort of Indonesian users in utilizing digital means to spread their goodwill during the Ramadan. Within less than 30 seconds, users can easily complete their donation and become part of Indonesian orphans future. The program aims to decrease the number of Indonesian children who are at risk of not being able to pursue their education. As Patungan Untuk Berbagi Disbursement partner, Rumah Yatim has disbursed IDR 1,5 billion donations as school supplies packages to over 4,000 orphans from over 30 cities and regencies across Indonesia. The disbursement efforts will continue to reach more than 30,000 Indonesian orphans.

“Patungan Untuk Berbagi exemplifies the spirit of sharing especially in Ramadan. Throughout the month, our users excitement continuously increases as they seek to become part of Indonesian orphans future. Furthermore, this digital donation drive underlines how technology can eliminate barriers and bring people closer to an important cause.  As part of the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia, OVO remains committed to enable cashless payments for the needs of all Indonesians,” said Setiawan Adhiputro, Direktur, OVO.

Ridzki Kramadibrata, President of Grab Indonesia explains, “Grab is committed to magnify social impact by leveraging our technology, especially fueled by the spirit of sharing and giving during Ramadan. This program brings happiness closer to all Indonesians, while creating a lasting impact for thousands of orphans throughout the country. We are humbled with the excitement garnered by this program which is aligned with our #TechForGood initiatives, and we extend our deepest gratitude to all the users who participated in the donations.”

“Tokopedia, as Indonesia’s leading technology company believes that technology plays a massive role in creating opportunities and allowing people to obtain their dreams. Through Patungan Untuk Berbagi, we bring this belief to life. We are really thankful to all Indonesians who participated in this collaboration of the three biggest digital ecosystems. We are confident that this campaign will bring sustainable impact to the lives of Indonesian orphans and underprivileged children, especially as we believe that we can bring our dream one step closer to reality through education,” intoned Nuraini Razak, VP of Corporate Communications, Tokopedia.

Donations from Patungan Untuk Berbagi campaign are distributed as school supplies packages and scholarships, ensuring the continuation of basic education requirements, up until high school. Disbursement partner, Rumah Yatim ensures that the funds garnered are distributed to orphaned children, at risk of leaving the education system due to lack of funds.

Nugroho BW, Rumah Yatim Director, said, “We are very supportive on the vision and initiative of Patungan Untuk Berbagi, in their effort to help and empower Indonesian orphans and underprivileged children through sustainable education. At Rumah Yatim, we continuously strive, especially for the children under our care, to reach their dreams through quality education. This donation is our amanah, that we will disburse to orphan and underprivileged children across Indonesia, enabling them to become an independent, excelling, and upright generation.”

The collaboration of leading technology companies is aimed to educate and encourage Indonesians to play an active role in creating a robust digital economy. Through the common cause of education, this collaboration underlines the commitment shared by Indonesia’s largest digital ecosystem, in creating a sustainable impact for the nation.

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