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#TambahSukses: Sneak Peek of A Home Industry Who Successfully Increase their Business Growth Upto 80% by Utilizing GrabExpress Features

GrabExpress is Grab's application-based courier service that offers fast, reliable and safe service. Various new features have been added by GrabExpress to provide comprehensive services that suits the needs of MSMEs in Indonesia in helping them develop their businesses.

Jakarta, 12 June 2019 – Almost everyone has already enjoyed the convenience of ordering food through online app. Whether you are craving for spicy, savoury, or sweet treats, all can be ordered with just a few clicks. This makes food industry attractive especially for the business player, including for home industry. With today’s technological developments, selling food is as easy as using smartphone and internet.

One of the players of this online based home industry is Fangfang and Yusuf. The spouse chose to quit their former jobs and open an Internet-based food business, called FangsKitchen in October 2018. Asinan Buah (fruit pickles)  with a mix of spicy, sweet, and sour flavors are the main specialty from FangsKitchen. Asinan has always been Fangfang’s favourite food that she often makes this dish for her private events with friends and family. Unexpectedly, many people fell in love with her asinan and has started to order it for several events. This inspired her to take a step and focus on the business up until now.

“At first, I managed this business alone because my husband was still working in a private company. Now both of us are taking care of this business. I am responsible for food production and my husband is in charge of marketing. We are also currently assisted by 2 employees to produce and process delivery orders every day. The asinan that we offer is different from others. FangsKitchen’s asinan brings more diverse and premium fruit, including mango, crystal guava, pineapple, rambutan, strawberries, kiwi and plum,” Fangfang, owner of FangsKitchen explained.

The challenge in the food industry is to ensure orders arrive in the hands of customers quickly and in good condition. “We want to continue maintaining customer satisfaction, so choosing the right delivery partner is very important. Delivery cost is also one of the factors that determine repeat orders. Since the beginning, I have used the GrabExpress delivery service to deliver our products to customers in Jabodetabek. The customer and I are satisfied because the pickup and delivery time are fast so that it can arrive in the hands of customers with fresh condition,” Fangfang added.

GrabExpress is Grab’s application-based courier service that offers fast, reliable and safe service. Various new features have been added by GrabExpress to provide comprehensive services that suits the needs of MSMEs in Indonesia in helping them develop their businesses.

“My favorite feature from GrabExpress is GrabExpress Same Day, where customers can get lots of advantages with lower delivery costs, and driver-partners can also be more flexible in managing multiple orders that they received. In addition, the GrabExpress Car service is also very helpful for large-size orders. Delivery by car guarantees product quality even further and makes it easy to deliver. My employees are also benefit by the Multi-Stop feature because they can order GrabExpress services for 5 different destinations in one booking. This greatly saves time, energy and costs,” Fangfang mentioned that since utilizing these features, the FangsKitchen business has grown by 80%, and she can deliver more products every day.

GrabExpress has also introduced the Subscription feature for customers. With this feature, customers can purchase GrabExpress subscription package and save up to 90% for delivery costs using GrabExpress. This feature is expected to help more micro-entrepreneurs to safe and grow.FangsKitchen is one of 5 million micro-entrepreneurs that Grab is serving in Indonesia. In the next few years, Fangfang wants to open outlets to further expand its business and be able to offer more variety of food. However, the online business that she has will not be abandoned and will continue to be developed. Fangfang has also attended the training event held by GrabExpress regularly, where she can get more knowledge from the training to develop her business.

Grab provides services with the widest range in Southeast Asia spread across 336 cities in Southeast Asia. Grab currently operates in 222 cities in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke by having 60 percent of the two-wheeler market share and 70 percent share of four-wheeled vehicles. From March 2018 to December 2018, instant delivery and same-day delivery volumes from GrabExpress have more than tripled at the regional level, while the number of GrabExpress merchants has also increased 3-fold in Indonesia.

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