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Statement from Grab Indonesia on Grab Acquisition of Uber Southeast Asia

We owe today’s outcome to everyone who has believed and trusted in Grab, and will continue to serve our customers’ best interests as our top priority.

Dear Friends from the Media

Dear Driver-Partners, Agent-Partners, Merchant-Partners and Passengers,

Good day and Greetings from Grab Indonesia

Today, we have acquired all of Uber’s business in Southeast Asia, including Uber Eats. For years now, our two companies have pushed each other to outdo ourselves. To be more inclusive and accessible. To better understand our customers. And to innovate products that anticipate each and every one of our customers’ needs.

And now, Grab acquiring Uber means we will create a platform that will serve the Indonesian community better. As one, we will be able to combine our strengths into a unified platform that serves the daily commuting, delivery and payment needs of millions of people across nearly 120 cities in Indonesia.

To our passengers (old and new): Our larger fleet of drivers (supply), will mean your transportation needs (demand) will be met faster. Passengers will get to enjoy shorter waiting times, more convenient and affordable rides through one platform. We have also rapidly expanded our GrabRewards customer loyalty programme to create more value for our consumers for every ride they take with Grab.

To our Grab-driver partners: This wouldn’t have been possible without the faith you’ve put in us at Grab. You’ve entrusted us with the responsibility to build a platform that helps you and your family earn an income. We take that responsibility very seriously. As a result of this announcement, you will see higher incomes with more ride bookings. We’re excited about the additional ways we will be looking to support you and your families.

To our Uber driver friends: We care about your livelihoods, and will work to ensure that you will get to enjoy the same suite of welfare benefits and incentives that we have in place for our driver-partners. Our open tech platform will allow for a smooth transition where Uber drivers and users can easily be integrated with our platform. We are now actively working to onboarding Uber drivers to ensure it remains business as usual for both drivers and consumers.

Since starting as Managing Director Grab Indonesia in 2016, I’ve been grateful to dedicate myself to improving the lives of the thousands of drivers and micro-entrepreneurs I met in Indonesian cities, from Aceh to Papua. With them in mind, I am most excited today about how we are in a great place to build future, longer term solutions for the most important challenges in Indonesia, including congestion, financial inclusion and earning an income for your family.

One example. Today, we are helping more than 3 million micro-entrepreneurs in Indonesia earn more. Our ecosystem includes not just drivers, but also our merchant partners and agent partners. Now with the acquisition of Uber’s food delivery business, we will rapidly expand GrabFood, and also provide more jobs for delivery couriers. This is a gamechanger.

We are constantly innovating and finding ways to deliver the most relevant and trusted services for consumers. This has been and will always be the driving force of Grab for Southeast Asia. Stay tuned for more.

We thank our consumers, driver-partners, agent-partners, business partners, Grabbers and the Indonesian government for their support over our past four years in Indonesia. We owe today’s outcome to everyone who has believed and trusted in Grab, and will continue to serve our customers’ best interests as our top priority.



Ridzki Kramadibrata

Managing Director, Grab Indonesia

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