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Grab Commits to Move Indonesia Forward as it Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Grab, Southeast Asia's leading ride-hailing and mobile payments platform celebrates its 5th anniversary.

Jakarta, 16 June 2017 – Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing and mobile payments platform celebrates its 5th anniversary. Establishing its service in Indonesia since 2014, Grab has contributed to Indonesia’s transportation industry, led the charge in realising Indonesia’s digital economy ambition, and impacted many lives through its welfare programmes. As of today, Grab is the number one ride- hailing choice for consumers in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia, with up to 2.5 million daily rides and 70 per cent market share in private vehicles (cars and motorbikes). Over 930,000 driver partners enable Grab to solve various transportation problems in the region while also improving the quality of their lives and their technology literacy.

“In our fifth anniversary and third year here in Indonesia, we are very proud as a company to be able to achieve so many positive milestones. Hundreds of thousands of drivers have experienced what we see as personal and technological breakthroughs. Grab has opened up another source of income for these drivers, while also encouraging them to embrace the use of technology in the form of smart devices and cashless payments. For our customers, these past three years has changed their behaviour towards public transportation. With our complete suite of transport services, we contribute to make commuting easier, safer, and more efficient,” said Ridzki Kramadibrata, Managing Director of Grab Indonesia.

In its three-year journey, Grab has achieved various milestones in Indonesia, including:

  • Average 574% year-on-year growth in drivers.
  • Providing 34% higher income to Indonesian driver partners (compared to average wage).
  • Reducing travel time by 64% (compared to Indonesian public transportation).
  • Grab traffic accident rates are lower than Indonesia’s national average by 5 times.

“Grab may have started out as a transportation company, but we are now building the leading consumer online-to-offline (O2O) platform that will give Indonesians access to the services that are the most important to them – safer and more reliable transport, access to cashless payments and access to online services and e-commerce. We are creating history by making our driver partners’ and passengers’ lives much more meaningful through technology. Five years in a sector that is rapidly changing and evolving is an achievement that we can be immensely proud of. What matters most now is what we do next to make a better tomorrow for hundreds of thousands, even millions, more people, and deliver more value to move Indonesia forward,” Ridzki concluded.

In the joy of Grab’s anniversary celebration, Grab also conducted a research based on its travel data. The research found interesting facts that describes Jakartan traveling habit:

  • Total distance travelled by Indonesians is 7,452,816,957 km. It is equal with 646,002 return trips from Bogor Train Station to Bekasi Train Station.
  • Indonesia’s top destination is none other than: Kota Kasablanka. It shows how much Indonesians love to shop.
  • Grab trip peaks on Friday, when everyone prepares for their weekend.
  • Total rides with 5 stars rating is 113,892,658. It shows that many passengers are satisfied with their rides with Grab.
  • Indonesians have sent out the most number of GrabChat messages in Southeast Asia, proving we are the most social and chatty people.

“Grab’s services have now become an integral part of Indonesian daily commuting activity, enriched with a top-notch in-app experience. Customers can pay for safe and reliable transportation service. Loyal customers are also rewarded with GrabRewards which makes their rides even more rewarding.” said Mediko Azwar, Marketing Director of Grab Indonesia.

Beyond business, Grab as a company has always been about giving a positive impact to the society. This goal is represented by various local initiatives focusing on community welfare. Nearly 1 million driver partners rely on Grab to earn incomes for their families. In Indonesia, Grab organises GrabSchool, where more than 300 of Grab driver partners’ children have learnt skills beyond the boundaries of an academic syllabus, including entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, and future planning. Grab provides its driver partners with access to more financing opportunities to purchase their own smartphones and automotive vehicles, giving them the opportunity to build sustainable livelihoods and become micro-entrepreneurs.


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