Book. Ride. Go!

Yeap, it’s that simple. No more digging around your wallet for change when you arrive at your destination. Just thank your driver and go about your day.

Riding with Grab is easier and more seamless when you choose to go cashless with GrabPay.

Payment method options

Go cashless with GrabPay Credits powered by Ovo

If you choose to not use your credit/debit card, top up your GrabPay Credits powered by Ovo for your Grab rides.

Credit/Debit Card linking

Choose to link your favourite credit/debit cards for seamless payment. You’ll also enjoy your cards’ benefits and loyalty points while you spend on your Grab rides.

Connect your Mandiri e-cash

Have a Mandiri e-cash account? Use it to pay for your Grab rides by linking it to your Grab app.

What’s the benefit of using GrabPay?

How it works

Payment method

  • Pay with GrabPay Credits
    powered by Ovo

  • Pay with credit/debit card

  • Pay with Mandiri e-cash

Check Credit Balance

  • Check balance & transaction history

Topping up GrabPay Credits powered by Ovo is easy!

From topping up at an ATM machine to topping up at home through an online banking website, there are many convenient ways to get GrabPay Credits powered by Ovo. Choose one that is most convenient to you.

Top-Up via Driver

Top-Up via Bank Central Asia

Top-Up via Mandiri

Top-Up via Bank Permata

Top-Up via ATM Bersama

Top-Up via Bank Negara Indonesia

Top-Up via Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Top-Up via Bank Danamon

Top-Up via CIMB Niaga

Top-Up via PRIMA Master Bank

Top-Up via Alfamart

Top-Up via Dandan

Top-Up via Lawson

Top-Up via Indomaret