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Grab Launches ‘GrabRent’ to Optimize Multi-Destination Travel and Day Trip Planning

  • Travel around and between cities with your own personal driver and get everything done in one single trip
  • Get your day trip rolling with convenience with ‘GrabRent Eco’ or opt for premium quality rides with ‘GrabRent Plus’
  • Available now for passengers in Bangkok and Phuket

Bangkok – 2 March 2018 – Passengers can now enjoy a daily car rental with chauffeur service with ‘GrabRent’, a new ride-hailing service from Grab. Passengers booking with ‘GrabRent’ will be able to travel to multiple destinations all in one trip, thus optimizing plans for a multi-tasking day as well as a one-day inter-city trip with friends or family.

With ‘GrabRent’, passengers will benefit from on-demand transportation service from one of Thailand’s largest and most often used ride-hailing fleets. There are two choices for selection. In Bangkok, ‘GrabRent Eco’ fare starts from 1,200 baht for the first 4 hours of riding around the city and 2,500 baht for an inter-city trip from Bangkok. Each additional hour will be charged at 300 baht. For those seeking a premium ride experience, ‘GrabRent Plus’ will provide a consistently high-quality service from Grab’s driver partners with a 4.8 and above star rating (out of 5 stars) as well as the comfort of travelling in a vehicle no more than 5 years old. ‘GrabRent Plus’ in Bangkok costs at 1,600 baht for the first 4 hours of travelling within the city and 3,200 baht for an inter-city trip from Bangkok with each additional hour costing 450 baht. Credit card payment via GrabPay is the only payment method accepted for the service.

On top of these interesting offers, passengers will continue to enjoy the existing suite of safety measures that Grab has introduced to enhance overall passenger, driver and road safety. These safety features include a vehicle tracking GPS system; a ‘Share My Ride’ feature that allows passengers to share driver’s details, estimated time of arrival and real-time location with their loved ones; an in-app 191 button to ‘dial’ in times of emergency; and personal accident insurance coverage for both driver partners and passengers on every Grab ride in Southeast Asia.

‘GrabRent’ service is now available in Bangkok and Phuket. The service allows you to book a car instantly or in advance up to 7 days prior to travel. For more information, please visit Grab Thailand Facebook fanpage at

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