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Grab supports business growth of small merchants, expanding loan service for restaurants with maximum credit amount of 500,000 baht



Grab Thailand revs up its loan services for mSMEs, welcoming the new year with the increase of maximum credit line of “Grab Quick Cash Loan for Merchant-Partners” to 500,000 baht (from 100,000 baht), in response to restaurant business operators who seek sources of funds in business or branch expansion. The recent expansion targets small-to-medium-sized businesses with good credit scoring in Bangkok and other provinces, and maintains Grab’s lending three key features: “easy apply – speedy approval – worry-free daily repayment”.


Worachat Luxkanalode, Country Head of Grab Thailand, said, “Grab Thailand has provided loan services to merchant-partners since 2020 to support restaurants, especially small-to-medium-sized, on our platform to access capital to enhance their financial liquidity and business operations. We have been listening to their feedback and suggestions continuously, while studying their needs through a monthly online survey and the ‘GrabConnect’ caravan on a quarterly basis. One of the most important topics raised by the restaurants is the rising demand for financial loans and credit expansion to renovate stores and expand branches, in addition to daily liquidity management. This loan service for mSMEs is also considered our strength in supporting the growth of restaurant businesses. Recently, we have increased the credit line for restaurants, both in Bangkok and other provinces, from the maximum credit amount of 100,000 baht to 500,000 baht as another tool to support their business growth and enhance efficiency for restaurant business operators.”


“Grab Quick Cash Loan for Merchant-Partners” with a maximum credit amount of 500,000 baht is a personal cash loan with 6-month installment period and a starting interest rate of 2.08% per month, which is in accordance with the Bank of Thailand regulations. The service comes with three features that make financial access even more convenient and faster: “easy apply – speedy approval – worry-free daily repayment”.


  • Easy apply: The loan service does not require collateral or additional document submission, helping reduce the application process.
  • Speedy approval: The loan is approved within one day, after confirming the loan terms. The system determines a suitable loan amount for each restaurant’s financial capability, which allows partners to access the funds quickly. 
  • Worry-free daily repayment: The repayment will be automatically deducted from merchants’ sales transactions, eliminating worries and enabling them to manage their expenses without having to worry about making large amounts of monthly repayments.

For Grab merchant-partners who are interested in obtaining “Grab Quick Cash Loan for Merchant-Partners” with a maximum credit amount of 500,000 baht are required to earn a minimum of 50,000 baht per month from transactions with Grab for at least 6 months consecutively.

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