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Grab teams up with six gurus to launch “Five-minute success recipe for merchants” course, aiming to upskill restaurants and enhance their food delivery business



Grab Thailand continues the GrabAcademy project, announcing the newest phase of online courses for merchant-partners, grabbing six business and financial gurus to share useful tips and real-life experiences through the “GrabAcademy: Five-minute success recipe for merchants.” The course combines 11 engaging classes, covering three main topics, including Restaurant and delivery business management, Marketing and promotion techniques, and financial management, which will be presented in the form of Edutainment through a 5-minute video clip available on the Grab application for partners, in response to their preference for a fun, easy, and practical course. This year, Grab also reaffirms its role as a platform that promotes learning by extending the knowledgeable course to a wider public through YouTube and TikTok for the first time to support entrepreneurs and any interested person to further enhance their businesses efficiently. 

Ms. Chantsuda Thananitayaudom, Country Marketing & Partnership Head, Grab Thailand, said “It has been over two years since we first launched the GrabAcademy project to empower the potentials of all driver- and merchant-partners on our platform. In the first year, GrabAcademy worked with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, or depa, to encourage the use of technology, as well as promoting and developing the potential of our platform’s driver-partners and restaurants. We have been actively conducting surveys to gather feedback and satisfaction from the participants to further enhance and modernize our course to meet their preferences as much as possible. Recently, we have redesigned the course for our merchant-partners by inviting six gurus and successful entrepreneurs in the food delivery business to share their tips and real-life experiences through the short video clip that will help upskill small merchants just within five minutes. The course will cover three key topics, including Restaurant and delivery business management, Marketing and promotion techniques, and Financial management.”

“We are honored to have the six gurus, namely Ms. Nattamon “Fern” Pisankitvanich, the owner of Suki Teenoi, Ms. Boonyanuch “Boom” Boonbumrungsub, the renowned marketing guru, Coach Jakkapong “Noom” Mespan, the financial coach and the owner of the Money Coach Facebook page, Mr. Sakonlanat “Jan-jao” Chaiyakeeratijinda and Ms. Romluk “Bow” Niemkruea from Kod Yum restaurant, and Bang Ha San, the famous influencer and the owner of the popular dried seafood business. All gurus will be sharing their business expertise through 11 engaging classes specially designed for restaurant operators in this digital era such as The heart of managing the delivery business, The financial management techniques for business owners, The innovative creation of unique selling points as a competitive edge, The promotional techniques to create brand awareness, etc. We believe these classes will become the jigsaw of success to help strengthen our merchant-partners and their business to compete in the era where restaurants have to face ever-changing challenges efficiently. Moreover, we also made this knowledgeable course available for the general public audience who are interested to learn more about the food delivery business via online channels such as YouTube and TikTok free of charge.”

Ms. Nattamon “Fern” Phisalkijvanich, the owner of Suki Teenoi and one of the gurus who will be sharing the management tips for the restaurant and food delivery business, said, “Business owners and restaurant operators in this era must be ready to adapt to constant consumer behavioral changes. Besides the effective management of the storefront to generate the business revenue, transforming the business model with the advantage of a food delivery platform is another vital strategy. Expanding your online branch will not only bring you more opportunities to reach new consumer groups but also make your restaurant known among the wider public which, in turn, helps to boost sales and leverage the success of your business enormously. Business operators need to understand the five keys to the heart of the food delivery business, starting from managing the human resources, planning on ingredients, choosing appropriate food packages for delivery service, planning on efficient usage of the application, as well as, managing costs and creating promotions. All detailed tips are now available on the GrabAcademy course, featuring our real business experiences in managing Suki Teenoi restaurant successfully.”


Ms. Boonyanuch “Boom” Boonbumrungsub, the renowned marketing guru, said, “As consumers in this digital era can always have access to unlimited choices at any time, creating the brand’s memorable unique selling point becomes more crucial and challenging for restaurant operators. They should always enhance their business with new marketing techniques to capture the hearts of consumers. The four important techniques for the brand to stand out from the crowd consist of 1) Making the product outstanding through beautiful photographs or innovative packaging to create an impression for customers 2) Providing a remarkable service to impress customers even via an online platform such as writing a small ‘Thank you’ note 3) Incorporating a distinctive story in the menu through the arts of storytelling and 4) Expanding the communication channels and be different with the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. The GrabAcademy course has compiled all these techniques to help both small and large restaurant operators uplift their businesses to win the hearts of consumers effectively.”

“We sincerely hope that ‘GrabAcademy: Five-minute success recipe for merchants’ will help broaden multiple horizons of expertise for the merchant-partners and become the shortcut for their successful food delivery business in the future. We will continue to develop various courses under the GrabAcademy project to support our driver- and merchant-partners with beneficial skillsets, following our GrabForGood #Supportmerchantsforabetterliving mission, which aims to uplift the quality of life for all people in our ecosystem sustainably,” Ms. Chantsuda concluded.

Watch the video clips of the “GrabAcademy: Five-minute success recipe for merchants” course at

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