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GrabFood “Land of Food”campaign launched to boost sales in Q4 along with “50-50 copayment” project to stimulate the economy




Grab Thailand is launching its latest marketing campaign, ‘GrabFood, Land of Food’ to boost sale for merchant-partners in Q4 with three campaign highlights to attract both merchant-partners and customers together with promoting ‘#GrabThumpsUp’ and ‘Koom Fun Tong’ campaign to present value for money popular Michelin restaurants and other street food restaurants. Besides, Grab is available for merchant-partners joining ‘50-50 copayment’ program in response to the government measures to stimulate Thai economy, reducing the commission fee to 20% for merchant partners who join this project*. Grab also offers 20,000 valued deals such as up to 60% discount to reduce consumers’ financial burden. 

Chantsuda Thananitayaudom, Country Marketing & Partnership Head, Grab Thailand said that “After the easing lockdown measure announcement in highly restricted areas in the beginning of September, Grab saw domestic consumption rebounding, especially in retail business and consumer product business. Promotional activities were launched to encourage consumers to spend, such as 9.9 campaigns from many brands. Grab wants to take part in stimulating the economy. Therefore, we launched the “GrabFood Land of Food” campaign to help boost sales for merchant-partners across the country and help reduce expenses for consumers.

GrabFood continues to reinforce its strength in a wide variety of restaurants and food menus by bringing out the highlights of food in each region across the country, together with 25 minutes delivery guarantee, full funnel of marketing activity support and the coming partnership with TikTok to drive consumer engagement.

The 3 highlights of the ‘GrabFood Land of Food’ campaign include

  • Expand highly recommended restaurants and constantly support merchant-partners  
    • Grab has expanded #GrabThumbsUp to suggest highly recommended restaurants from Michelin restaurants to street food both in bangkok and other provinces. Meanwhile, Grab has also highlighted ‘Koom Fun Tong’ restaurants with good taste and affordable prices to satisfy consumers in this era. Grab aims to build unique selling points and differentiate in the restaurants together with promoting these restaurants to become more well-known and increase the opportunity to expand the customer base.
    • At the same time, Grab also continues to support developing merchant-partners’ potential through GrabAcademy, an online knowledge sharing program that gathers tips and tricks that are beneficial to business development and income enhancement. Besides, in this year, Grab also set up an annual Virtual conference for merchant-partners for the first time under ‘GrabFood Next turning crisis into opportunity’ concept to update restaurant and food delivery trends along with sharing tips to help merchants meet the needs of consumers even more.
  • Joining and supporting ‘50-50 copayment’ program:
    • Grab is one of the food delivery service providers that collaborate with the Ministry of Finance to stimulate the economy through ‘50-50 copayment’ program in phase 3 which allows the public to spend on food ordering through food delivery application. Grab reduces the commission fee to not over 20% for merchant partners who join this project
    • In addition, there are many other benefits to attract merchant-partners such as promoting their business through Grab channels and application, allowing them to join the marketing activities and promotions along with the accessibility of financial loans from Grab Financial Group to support their financial liquidity. Merchants who are interested in joining the program on phase 3 through Toong-Ngern application can apply from 24 September to       31 December 2021.
  • Offering great promotions to alleviate consumers’ financial burden:
    • Grab delivers discounts up to 60% for more than 20,000 deals from participating merchants such as a valuable set menu in one price, starting at 69 baht for merchants in provincial areas and 99 baht for those in Bangkok.
    • Besides, for GrabFood new users, get a 99-baht discount with 99-time free delivery from 20 September to 24 October 2021.

“Grab hopes that our activities and initiatives under this campaign will be another driving force to stimulate the domestic economy and develop potential and increase the opportunity to generate income for merchant-partners in the COVID era overcoming this crisis. This reinforces our GrabForGood mission that we determine to improve and uplift the quality of life for people in our society, especially in our ecosystem through the use of our technology and application. Ms. Chantsuda concluded.


*Commission Fee will be charged at not over 20% for the order that is transacted via 50-50 copayment program 

*Terms and conditions as designated by Grab Thailand. For more information, please visit Facebook GrabFoodTH

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