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Love Stories of Two Grab Driver-partners Couples


February enters with the mood of love in the air. In celebration of this year’s Valentine’s Day, Grab is pleased to share impressive and heartwarming love stories of Grab driver-partners like Korakoch ‘Ann’ Bhusithayapong, and Uthit ‘Sak’ Saeng-rung, who from colleagues turned into partners or Peerapol ‘Daeng’ Angkavanitch, and Sutthira ‘Noi’ Angkavanitch, the retired couple who faith brought them to meet and have been together for more than 30 years yet their love is still as sweet as the first day they met.

Driver’s Online Community Brought Us Love

Ann, Korakoch Bhusithayapong, aged 48, and Sak, Uthit Saeng-rung, aged 45, are two GrabCar driver-partners who first met through the community of drivers. Coincidentally, they have similar life stories, were born on the same day, have the same favorite football club, and have to raise their kids alone as a single parent. These similarities brought them closer, and they quickly developed a strong relationship, becoming a couple in the Grab community.

Ann said that she started being a GrabCar partner in 2015. At that time, she had to support her family by herself. Ann graduated with a degree in economics and worked in finance throughout her life. However, she loved driving so much that she decided to look for a job that suited her interests while generating income. She chose to drive with Grab because it not only meets her income requirements, but also provides her with time and freedom to take care of her family.

“When I first started driving with Grab, I didn’t have much experience. So, I joined a driver’s group on Facebook, which was a great opportunity to meet other drivers from different ages and backgrounds. They offered advice and guidance and shared their knowledge and techniques, making me feel welcomed. This was how I got to know Sak. One day, he posted a picture of himself receiving a birthday gift from a customer. I found that we were born on the same day and month (December 30th), so I commented under the picture, and then he responded. That is how we started talking and developed our relationship until now.”

Sak added, “I actually had a full-time job, but I started driving to earn extra money after work to pay off my car loan. I don’t usually participate in driver group activities or post anything in the Facebook group. However, the day I received a gift from a customer and felt so grateful that I wanted to post a thank you, which I didn’t expect would lead me to meet Ann. After talking with her, I was impressed that she and I have many things in common. She is a smart and strong woman who drives from early morning to late at night to support her family. Sometimes, I am worried that she has to drive late at night but knowing that it is Grab, I felt relieved due to the high safety standards. If there is any case of emergency, we can contact the call center or direct line to the police, or Ann can share her current location with the Share My Ride feature. Also, I will contact her frequently to ease my worries.”

Ann concluded, “Even though we both have to work hard because we are our family’s main support, we never forget to spend time together, whether it’s just talking, going out for a vacation, or having dinner together everyday. It’s a simple happiness that helps fulfill our love. Even though we’ve been together for almost 3 years, we continue to learn from and with each other. The important thing is to adjust to each other and to bring joy to each other every day. That’s all we need.”


30 Years… Yet Our Love Never Gets Old

In an era where the world is rapidly changing, and sometimes relationships are becoming more superficial, meeting someone special and developing a genuine relationship may not be easy. However, once you find that special someone, maintaining that love and relationship can be even harder. This is not the case for Daeng, Peerapol Angkavanitch, aged 66, a former banker who now earns a living after retirement from delivering food with Grab. Daeng deeply fell in love with Noi, Sutthira Angkavanitch, from the southern city of Songkhla, till this day. He even has a line from his true heart saying, “She is my soulmate.”

Daeng told us he was originally from Nakhon Sawan, but he had to travel to visit his relatives in Songkhla and had the opportunity to work as a bank employee in Hat Yai. Eventually, fate brought him to meet Noi, who worked as a cashier at a hotel in Hat Yai at that time.

“From the first time I met Noi, I felt captivated. I felt like she was a lovable person, so I pursued her. Every day after work, I would pick her up to eat something and bring her home, showing her family that I was sincere and could take care of their daughter. After dating for 6 years, both families approved of our relationship and allowed us to get married. Falling in love didn’t take long, but maintaining love requires both time and effort. I feel lucky to have Noi as my life partner. She is not only a good mother to our children but also a loving wife who has been taking care of us for over 30 years.” said Daeng.

Daeng added, “After retiring from the bank, I was lost for a long time, even if I didn’t have to pay for my children’s expenses or other expenses in general. I felt like something was missing from my life. With a lot of free time, a friend recommended me to be a Grab delivery-partner. With my love for driving a motorcycle, I tried and instantly found joy in it. I feel more fulfilled as if I have a purpose every day, and even get to exercise my brain by trying to find the right place to deliver food when customers pin their location incorrectly.”

“Initially, I drove alone, but now Noi has joined me because she is worried and kept me company during the drive. At first, I was worried that Noi would suffer from the heat, but she insisted that she would come long. Hence, I took this as an opportunity to spend time together like when we first dated. By spending time together on these drives, we fill each other’s hearts with love, day by day.”

Daeng made one small remark regarding his secret in maintaining their love to be sweet and lively like their first days, “Small things like caring, paying attention, and putting effort into each other every day are the most important aspects of maintaining a long-lasting relationship.”

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