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Grab Encourages Families to Express Love for Mothers through “Grab A Hug” Campaign

  • Grab launches “Grab A Hug” campaign to encourage expression of love to all mothers on Thailand's mother's day

Loving ambiance is everywhere during Mother’s Day holiday. Many take their mothers out to show their appreciation or buy them a present. Some others, especially grownups, can feel awkward to hug or say love to their mothers. On this occasion, Grab launches “Grab A Hug” campaign to remind us all of the taken for granted, yet, simplest way to express love to all mothers and the loved ones.

“Grab A Hug” has a set up interactive display with a giant teddy bear “Mama Bear” for passers-by to test their abilities to hug with the real-time rating on the screen. The display also prompts them with inspirational messages urging them to engage with their moms such as Nobody can give hugs like a mother; Don’t be shy to give your mother a hug; This hug I wish to tell mom; Go home and tell your mom, I love you; Every time you feel down, mom is always there with her warm hug, etc. Visitors will also get a photo souvenir and test their embrace capabilities which lighten hearts and bring smiles to people around.

Our heart-warming “Grab A Hug” campaign video is now available to watch on YouTube or Facebook

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