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Go where your customers go.

People are always on the move, your brand should be too. With GrabAds, you have the advantage to connect with millions of people across the region, both online and offline.

Online-to-Offline Integration

With our extensive on-ground fleet and rich digital presence, we can integrate your marketing communications across touchpoints to work seamlessly and more effectively.

Connect with the right audience

GrabAds can help you identify and target specific audiences by making the right ad placements at the right place and time, both online and offline.

Your trusted partner

At Grab, trust is one of our core values that extends to GrabAds. We are committed to ensure that your brand’s ads are appropriately shown only to relevant and verified audiences, while also respecting user privacy.

Work with us

Let us help you meet your business objectives to build awareness, engage your audience and trigger action with GrabAds.

Mobile Billboards

Car Wraps

Draw sharp attention to your brand and message

In-App Opportunities

Targeted GrabGifts

Reward targeted audiences with exclusive promo codes for Grab rides.

Sponsored Comms

Push your brand message to the inbox of targeted users and even enhance it with GrabGifts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising platforms available are:

  • Car Wraps
  • In-App Targeted GrabGifts 
  • In-App Sponsored Comms 

Car Wrap

  • Determine the number of vehicles required for the campaign.
  • Develop artwork based on guidance provided by GrabAds (basic package consists of 2 side door wraps and 1 bumper sticker).
  • Colour-proof test print of artwork.
  • GrabAds recruits drivers for campaign and schedules them for installation and uninstallation.


  • Determine the budget and duration for your campaign
  • GrabAds team will propose a customised idea

For car wraps, the minimum fleet size per campaign is 20 cars.

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