About GrabCar

Your very own chauffeured GrabCar bringing you the freedom to ride with comfort and style.

Why GrabCar?


Grab is providing you a new solution of transportation that gives you comfort, safety, and style on all your rides. With GrabCar, say goodbye to hassles and enjoy the worry-free lifestyle with its fixed rate.

Covered By Insurance

We continuously train our drivers to provide the safest service and also provide insurance for max. 6 passengers in a car, so you can sit back and relax.

Trained Drivers

We trained our driver to provide premium service and ensure safety in every single trip.

Cashless Payment Method

We eager to provide convinient for our user, freedom to choose their payment method is one of it. Enjoyed our cashless payment with OVO.

How It Works

Do you know how to book a ride from this guide?


Download Grab

Scan QR Code


GrabCar operates 24 hours everyday, 7 days in a week

Yes, there is a minimum payment of Rp.10,000

GrabCar is available in Jakarta and surrounding Denpasar, Bali

The fare will never change despite of traffic. You will need to pay accordingly to what has been shown on the app when you book it.

Maximum number is 6 people or depends on the number of seats available (according to the type of car you get)

There will be no additional cost; however, drivers have the right to reject the order if the total number of passengers is beyond the availability of the seats.

MPV & Family car

In one GRAB app, there will be 4 types of transportation you may choose GrabCar in one of options.

GrabCar has no cancellation fee; however, we suggest for you to inform the driver if there is any cancellation needed.

You can only choose 1 destination. If needed, we suggest you to order a new GrabCar after reaching your 1st destination.