Anyone can make a content. That is the reason why Grab is inviting you to create it at Kaya Karena Ngonten challenge with prizes up to 100 million Rupiah, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and opportunity becoming Grab influencer. Ready go viral with Grab?

Create content #OVOmatis, a campaign for Grab users who have not activated OVO in their Grab app. As background, apparently not many people have activated OVO in their Grab app, whilst using OVO is beneficial and more efficient. That’s why we want people to change to cashless by changing to #OVOmatis.

It’s easy to be #OVOmatis, just press ‘Ganti’ while riding Grab. Press this and your OVO is automatically activated. Payment become more practical because it’s now #OVOmatis.

Create your content as creative as possible in 10 days and submit before 21 September 2019 using hashtag #OVOmatis. The format can be anything, but the writing of GrabBike, GrabCar, OVO, #OVOmatis must be correct. Can be photo, video, animation, graphics, comic, whatever! Just as long it can make people to Like them and even share. Tag people so it become Viral. 

How to play:

  1. Must follow Instagram @GrabID
  2. Create education content about #OVOmatis as creative possible in their Instagram Post. Can be photo, video, animation, graphics, or comic.
  3. Tag Instagram @GrabID and use hashtag #OVOmatis
  4. Posting period: 11 – 21 September 2019

T & C:

  1. Open for public
  2. Grab has the right to check for authenticity and disqualify creators who are found and proven cheating
  3. The competition is not for employee, family, agency or third party of Grab
  4. Material uploaded is owned personally by the creator and has never been submitted to any other competition
  5. The content must fit the criteria above and does not contain element of violence, politic, pornography, insult or sensitive content and or any context related to it
  6. Grab is free from any third party lawsuit if violation to copyright occurs
  7. Winners selected will be contacted directly by Grab
  8. Grab has the right to cancel a winner who are found cheat or fail to send their complete personal data required 
  9. The Prizes:
    • Winner #1: OVO Cash Rp20.000.000 + Samsung Galaxy Note10+
    • Winner #2: OVO Cash Rp15.000.000
    • Winner #3: OVO Cash Rp10.000.000
    • Favorite Winner #1: OVO Cash Rp7.500.000
    • Favorite Winner #2: OVO Cash Rp5.000.000
    • Favorite Winner #3: OVO Cash Rp2.500.000
    • 20 finalist: OVO Cash Rp1.000.000
  10. By submitting in the competition, the creators have consented to the terms and conditions of the challenge, that includes any adjustments made by Grab from time to time
  11. The Prize can be collected by the winner at maximum 30 days after the announcement and Grab has received the complete personal data required
  12. Grab can make any adjustment needed for the terms and conditions of this challenge at any time without prior notice

Watch for fraud:

This competition is free of submission fee. The announcement of the winners will only be at Instagram @GrabID on 23 September 2019.

Here are the winners for #OVOmatis Viral Content

Juara 1@ttasya
Juara 2@gerallio
Juara 3@mutiara.aziza
Berharap Juara 1@melcadot
Berharap Juara 2@rayirahadiansyah
Berharap Juara 3@moomread22