Help Us Reduce Packaging Waste

Bali’s idyllic beauty is not unknown to the world. But did you know that each day, 2,220 tons of waste from the island is mismanaged and make their way to the sea and environment? This is slowly damaging the island’s environment beyond repair. And that’s why we’re committed to helping Bali reduce their single-use packaging footprint in our own little way.

Introducing GrabFood Returnables – eco-friendly, reusable food containers that can be easily returned through our drivers to reduce single-use food packaging waste.

Our merchants that offer and accept the GrabFood Returnables can be found down below:

We are expanding this service to more areas in Bali each day to make this service more accessible to you. So let’s join hands in keeping Bali green!


GrabFood Returnables is a pilot initiative aimed at reducing single-use food packaging in our deliveries, by replacing single-use food packaging and drink holders with reusable containers.

We believe that every act matters and small, daily choices can have a big impact on our planet. By returning and reusing containers, this would directly reduce resource usage and prevent single-use packaging waste leakage into the environment.

As we’re actively recruiting merchants for this pilot programme, kindly refer to the list above before FAQ, for the latest updated list of our participating merchants.

Opt to use Returnable Containers when you’re ordering your meal/drink from these merchants. Each container will come with a refundable deposit of Rp20.000/container and this will be charged together with the cost of meal/drink

You can conveniently pass the containers to our drivers during your next GrabFood delivery or GrabBike ride. The drivers will provide a partial refund of Rp15.000/container and help return these containers back to the merchants. The remaining Rp5.000 will go to your driver to help cover the cost of the return journey.

You can self-return the containers to the participating merchants listed up above, and they will provide a full refund of Rp20.000/container.

Please note that all refunds will be made in cash upon return of the containers. This is regardless if you paid for the Returnable containers via Ovo/cashless/cash during ordering.

You can return the container by flagging down a GrabFood/GrabBike driver or during your next GrabFood delivery or GrabBike ride. The driver will then return your deposit of Rp15.000/container in cash. You do not need to purposely call for a driver to return the containers. This way, the journeys are optimised and can help to reduce our carbon footprint too.

Yes, you can. Please remember to choose to “use returnable containers” for every dish selected before placing your order. Each container will come with a deposit of Rp20.000/container and this will be charged together with the cost of meal/drink.

Please return the containers to us and we’ll ensure that the containers are either repaired or properly recycled. We have partnered with EcoBali to recycle these containers.

GrabFood Returnables is a very new pilot programme and our first foray into using returnable containers in food delivery. We want to study the feasibility of this pilot programme, gain new learnings and insights, and ensure that the customer experience is good before expanding to more outlets.

No, not at this point in time. For the pilot programme, we are introducing returnable food containers and beverage tumblers only.

Kindly wash the containers with soap and water before returning so as to avoid dirtying the drivers’ bags. Note that all containers will be thoroughly washed again by the restaurants before reusing.

The containers are made out of sturdy, highly durable plastic. They are hot and cold food-safe, BPA-free, microwaveable, dishwasher-safe and recyclable.

Yes, you can microwave your food in our returnable containers. Do remember to remove lid or vent containers before heating in the microwave. Note that the containers are NOT intended for ovens, stovetops, or other browning elements.

Our merchant partners are trained to professionally clean all containers before they are used for delivery. However, if you face any issues, please take a picture and report to us via our Help Center in the Grab app.