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Driver GrabCar

  • Calon Mitra GrabCar wajib:
    * Mendaftarkan diri ke Koperasi/badan hukum
    * Uji KIR kendaraannya
    * Memiliki SIM A umum

Why Should I Become A GrabCar Driver?


Drivers may choose the working time that suit their needs


As our system matches drivers to the nearest passengers, chance to earn more is bigger. With GrabShare, now you can earn even up to double


Other than an all-risk insurance prepared by the driver, GrabCar gives accident insurance up to the limits specified in the insurance policy.


A special program for top GrabCar drivers to be own vehicle


Grab believes in providing continuous support and education to our drivers and their loved ones. With exclusive partner deals, we are committed to improving your lives - on and off the road. Learn more here.


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GrabCar allowed credit card payment in their system, as confirmation passenger won’t be charged by any cash payment at drop off points. Please take a look at this link for further information.

To join GrabCar as a driver, you have to submit these documents:

  • STNK / Vehicle Identification and Registration
  • KTP / ID Card
  • SIM / Driver’s License
  • SKCK / Letter of Good Conduct produced by the police
  • max 5 years car life span (ie : 2012)
  • MPV and Family Cars are prioritised
  • For CV/PT, you will need to submit the legal documents of your CV/PT (inlcuding: Deed of Company, TDP, SIUP, NPWP – need to bring the authentic document and the copies)
  • The rental owner need to submit data such as email address (gmail), bank details of PT/CV, and number to be contacted
  • Target minimum of 50 active hours/week and 40 completed rides/week
  • 1 driver 1 phone (not allowed to be used with 2 different drivers)
  • 1 car is to be driven by 2 drivers maximum
  • Profit Sharing 80% for rental 20% for GrabCar
  • Calculation of 2.0x/100% per completed job will be counted after total amount of 80% that has been received by the rental company
  • 20% for Grab Car will be taken from the debit of the driver from every completed trip

As a GrabCar driver, you have the freedom to choose your own time of work, so you can manage between your work time and personal time

Being a GrabCar driver, you will experience the ease to maximize your own income. You are to keep in mind that you should always provide top service on every orders, making sure the passenger will give good rating/feedback, and keep the hygiene and quality of your car.

  • Before starting, driver should do a top up of Rp. 200,000 (for those who use their own phone) or Rp. 500,000 (for those who use phone from GrabCar) and will be deducted Rp. 275,000 per week (to pay HP Acer Z220).
  • Minimum requirement for the phone is Android and has minimum of RAM 1GB

At GrabCar, the safety of our drivers and passengers are key. We have partnered with Chubb to cover road accidents up to the limits specified in the insurance policy.

Vehicle Testing (KIR) Location:
PKB PULOGADUNG Jl. Raya Bekasi Timur No.43, KM 18,5, Pulogadung Jakarta Timur.

Vehicle Testing (KIR) Requirements:

  1. The vehicle condition must follow the STANDARDS of the Single Agent Brand manufacturers vehicle
  2. Car tires must be in a good condition
  3. No dents on vehicle body
  4. Lamp (sein, near, far) must be in good condition
  5. Car horns is functioning well
  6. Wiper is functioning well
  7. Car brakes are in a good condition.

Partners drivers who have received the Vehicle Testing (KIR) schedule, expected to attend on time. Having a Vehicle Testing (KIR) is mandatory for all drivers.

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