All you need is your OVO code 84 and your OVO mobile number. Example: 8408XXXXXXXXXX

  1. Insert Your ATM Card and Enter PIN
  2. Choose Other Transaction > Payment > Others > Virtual Account
  3. Enter 84 followed Your OVO Mobile Number
  4. Enter Top-Up Amount
    Minimum top-up amount is Rp 20.000. Your bank might charge a separate top-up fee.
  5. Confirm Details
  6. Choose Account and Confirm
  7. Receive Transaction Status
    You’ll receive a notification in your Grab app about the transaction status.


The top-up amount will appear shortly after your transaction is successful.

Use the number that you registered your Grab account with.

If you have the Grab and OVO apps, check that both apps have the same mobile number. This ensures you’re topping up for the same account.

Yes, you can. Ensure your recipient’s details are correct before you confirm your top-up.

You will see your balance updated in the Grab app. If you have the OVO app, open History to view the transaction details inside.