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Grab Vietnam kicks off “90 days of change” to serve drivers and passengers better

Vietnam – June 8th 2018 — Grab Vietnam today launches the “90 days of change” program, deepening its commitment to improving the lives of its customers, driver partners, and the broader Vietnamese community. Running from June 8th to September 5th […]

Vietnam – June 8th 2018 — Grab Vietnam today launches the “90 days of change” program, deepening its commitment to improving the lives of its customers, driver partners, and the broader Vietnamese community. Running from June 8th to September 5th 2018, the program aims to quickly solve pressing pain-points that Grab consumers and driver-partners face, and to better care for the community that Grab Vietnam has built since entering the market four years ago.

“Grab started serving the people of Vietnam four years ago, and since then our technology and innovation has improved livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of driver-partners across Vietnam, given passengers a safer, more affordable and convenient options to travel door to door, enabled transportation partners and co-operatives to grow their businesses, and helped improved the traffic landscape in Vietnam. We are encouraged by the difference we’ve been able to make in the lives of Vietnamese people, but we also acknowledge that there are many ways we can do even better. We are very grateful to Vietnamese customers, partners and public for their openness, trust and support even in our most challenging time. “90 days of change” is a commitment to accelerate our non-stop efforts to improve and serve you better. We are pushing ourselves forward to bring the very best to our passengers, partner-drivers and communities,” said Jerry Lim, Country Head of Grab Vietnam.

Within these “90 days of change”, Grab Vietnam will roll out a number of improvements to deliver the best possible Grab experience for passengers and driver-partners including:

  • Improving 24/7 Grab Support Centers for both passengers and driver-partners with shorter response times for queries and complaints.
  • Promoting the use of In-App Help Centre – a feature allowing passengers and driver-partners to self-serve with helpful guides and tips to use the app seamlessly or to submit a support request to Grab right from the app to save calling cost.
  • Launching more training workshops for driver-partners to continuously improve service quality.
  • Improving mapping so that banned roads and one way streets are accurately reflected. This means that fares will fairly take into account any detours that drivers need to make.
  • Automatic assignment will ensure driver-partners who opt-in to get the nearest jobs. This also increases the likelihood for passengers to quickly find a ride.
  • Allowing driver-partners to cancel bookings without affecting incentives in the event passengers don’t show up within 5 minutes.
  • Launching a new spot bonus to encourage driver-partners to pick up passengers that may be further away, increasing the likelihood for passengers to get transport.
  • Improving the quality and diversity of GrabRewards.

In addition, Grab Vietnam will also kick off a series of initiatives to go the extra mile in caring for its driver-partners and their families, passengers and the wider Vietnamese community, including:

  • A scholarship program for children of Grab driver-partners.
  • Announcement of a Annual Driver Appreciation day.
  • GrabCare Centres for driver-partners to rest.
  • Road Safety Awareness program.
  • Cooperation with authorities and other organizations to contribute to a better life by donation to less fortunate or beautifying cities.

“We know that we are where we are today because of the support of the Vietnamese people. We do not take this for granted. Aside from this program, we have also continuously striven to work closely with local governments to create smarter, safer and friendlier cities in Vietnam. For “90 days of change” to achieve what it sets out to do, we hope that our passengers, driver partners and the public will join hands with us to carry out this program. We ask that you look forward to more details and updates over the coming weeks.

Transport is where we started, but we are evolving to become a full ecosystem enabling a wider range of on-demand consumer services, from transport, food delivery to logistics, and eventually cashless payments and financial services. We want to be every Vietnamese’s trusted everyday app, but ultimately, we are still the same old hyperlocal Grab Vietnam that is here to stay and improve lives. Once again, let us express our most sincere thanks to all Vietnamese customers, driver-partners and all for an awesome 4 years. We are tirelessly trying harder everyday to serve you better” added Jerry Lim.

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