Live extra with GrabRewards

Flexible points redemption, 3 months Spotify Premium for free, and access to Grab deals, these are just some of the extra benefits that come with GrabRewards.

Access to special deals

From awesome rewards for a lot less points with Flash Sale, to getting 40% points credited back to you with PointsBack campaign on selected rewards or even special PointsBack campaign for all GrabRewards redemptions on 20th and 21st monthly, GrabRewards is always looking for ways to give you extra value.

Your points are in your hands

Want to redeem the cost of a full ride? Sure! Whatever amount of points you have, you decide how you use them with extra flexible redemption. Use your points, your way.

Grab these deals in a flash

GrabRewards members get access to extra value deals like 40% off partner vouchers with Flash Sale.

Flash Sale is happening from 28-30 Sep. While stocks last.

Redeem and get 40% instant PointsBack

Every time you redeem a PointsBack reward, you get 40% points credited back into your account, instantly! Redeem now, earn points for later!

The PointsBack sale is happening from 22-27 Sep.

Your Spotify Premium is on us

No GrabRewards points required, enjoy 3 months of Spotify Premium access for free when you’re a Gold or Platinum member. More details coming soon.

59.000₫/month after trial. Cancel anytime. Only open to users who haven’t tried Premium before. Terms apply.

Updates from GrabRewards

With restricted movement and social distancing guidelines in place, we understand that there’ll be many limitations.

To help provide flexibility and ease of mind to all our GrabRewards members during this challenging time, we’ll be temporarily adjusting our policies as follows:

  • GrabRewards tier status – The tier status for all GrabRewards members will be extended to 31 December 2020 and there will be no tier downgrades during this period.

    Note: The qualifying period between 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020 will determine your tier status for the first half of 2021.

  • Reward vouchers – The validity for all Grab food and ride reward vouchers^ redeemed from GrabRewards catalogue will be extended to 31 December 2020.
  • ^Note: The voucher extension does not apply to all Grab vouchers (ride, food, mart and express vouchers) purchased from and marketplaces (e.g Shopee, Lazada, etc.), or vouchers received from corporate purchases and marketing campaigns via Grab for Business or GrabAds.

How the tier extension works

We also urge all our members to do their part by complying with health guidelines and social distancing, and to practise good personal hygiene.


for bigger rewards

Make one Grab transaction*
to keep your points alive

We’ve updated the GrabRewards Points expiry policy that enables you to keep your points as long as you keep using Grab! All you need to do is make one point-earning Grab transaction* to extend your points validity period by 3 months.

How does it work?

Upon making a point-earning transaction, the validity of your GrabRewards Points will be extended to the last day of the 3rd month.

Making multiple transactions in the same month does not impact your points expiry date.

i.e. Adam makes a transaction on 10 Jan, his points expiry date is 30 April — three months from the month of his last transaction.

Adam then makes a transaction on 28 Feb, his points expiry period is shifted by one month to 31 May.

*Exclusions apply, refer to the full list here. Infographic is for illustration purposes only.

More fun ways to earn


A great new way to earn more rewards and points!

Welcome to Challenges. A brand new and exciting play-to-win feature on your app. Simply opt in for a list of fun challenges to conquer. Complete the tasks to win even more exciting rewards. Up for the challenge? Join Challenges and enjoy another fun way to get a whole lot more from Grab.

Which challenge will you take on?

Play and win more

Grab vouchers

Bonus GrabRewards points

Partner Rewards






Points needed to qualify: > 0

Go for Silver

Use Grab as your everyday app to start progressing up the tier.
Start unlocking more benefits today.


Points needed to qualify: > 100

Silver members can now enjoy access to over 70 airport lounges (and more coming soon) in Southeast Asia at a preferred walk-in rate of up to 20%.

*Alcoholic beverages and shower facilities are only available at selected airport lounges. More details here.

Go for Gold

Start unlocking more benefits today.
Make your way up to Gold to enjoy more privileges.


Points needed to qualify: > 300

Earn 2x rewards points as a Gold user. Applicable from 01 July 2020.

Get access to exclusive deals such as movie screenings, flash sales and more.
Visit the GrabRewards catalogue to find these deals.

Gold members can now enjoy access to over 70 airport lounges (and more coming soon) in Southeast Asia at a preferred walk-in rate of up to 40%.

*Alcoholic beverages and shower facilities are only available at selected airport lounges. More details here.


Points needed to qualify: > 1500

Earn 3x rewards points as a Platinum user. Applicable from 01 July 2020.

Save more with exclusive Platinum-only Grab vouchers.
Visit My Rewards in your app to find out what vouchers you have.

GrabRewards Platinum users can now gain access to’s Genius programme

Enjoy 10% off* on best-selling rooms and get special perks at all participating hotels.
*Terms apply.

Visit the GrabRewards catalogue to enjoy this benefit.

Get access to exclusive deals such as movie screenings, flash sales and more.
Visit the GrabRewards catalogue to find these deals.

Prioritised bookings for your rides.

Contact us via help centre in your app for prioritised Platinum support.

Enjoy exclusive offers from Grab partners with only 5 GrabRewards points for Platinum members

Platinum members can now enjoy access to over 70 airport lounges (and more coming soon) in Southeast Asia at a preferred walk-in rate of up to 55%.

*Alcoholic beverages and shower facilities are only available at selected airport lounges. More details here.

How do I earn GrabRewards points?

Simply refer to the table below to find out all the different ways you can start earning GrabRewards points. Don’t forget – you earn more points simply by using Moca e-wallet!

For GrabTaxi, GrabCar/GrabCar Plus/GrabCar Doanh Nghiệp, Grab tuyến/tỉnh, GrabBike, GrabBike Premium, GrabExpress, GrabFood, GrabMart, Grab Assistant

Applicable from 1 July 2020.

For payment at offline merchants through Moca e-wallet on the Grab app, Mobile/Data top-up service

Applicable from 1 July 2020.

For Bill Pay service through Moca-e-wallet on the Grab app

Applicable from 1 July 2020.

Where to access GrabRewards?


You can earn GrabRewards points by making Grab-related transactions, such as taking a Grab ride, or making a GrabFood order.

Use these points you have earned, and spend in your GrabRewards catalogue. To find the catalogue, tap on the Rewards icon on your Grab home screen.

Yes! You are eligible to earn GrabRewards points when you use Grab services across Southeast Asia (excluding Indonesia which uses OVO points), including Grab rides, GrabFood, GrabExpress, and more.

Do note that the amount of GrabRewards points you earn outside your home country will depend on the earn rate of the country you are visiting.

As of 1 July 2019, GrabRewards has introduced Activity Based Points Expiry (ABPE), to extend the life of your GrabRewards points. As long as you make 1 point-earning Grab transaction within the next 3 months of your last transaction, your points will continue to accumulate.

You’re automatically included as a GrabRewards member so long as you have made a Grab transaction. There are 4 member tiers (Member, Silver, Gold and Platinum), which you will achieve once you accumulate the number of points needed for each tier. Depending on your tier status, you will be entitled to a host of exclusive benefits.

Your benefits may include discounts, priority services and partner exclusives. You can refer to this table  for the number of GrabRewards points needed to reach the next member tier, as well as your benefits.

As long as you accumulate the number of points needed to meet your GrabRewards tier within the first 6-month period – between 1 January and 30 June; or between 1 July and 31 December – you will continue to maintain your tier status for the next 6-month period.

If you get downgraded from your current member tier, you’ll no longer have access to all the previous benefits, associated with your higher GrabRewards member tier.

Of course, the easiest way to prevent this from happening is to use Grab more and accumulate enough GrabRewards points to maintain your member tier. Learn how to earn more GrabRewards points here.

Exclusive Grab vouchers will be sent to you from time to time, please check the My Rewards page in your Grab app to avoid missing out on these vouchers.

Unfortunately, your GrabRewards membership and Genius membership are non-transferrable. Your Genius membership is a benefit linked to your GrabRewards member tier.

Only Grab transactions paid via credit/debit cards and MOCA e-Wallet will extend the validity of GrabRewards Points. For avoidance of doubt, other transactions that do not extend the validity period are: GrabExpress (Same Day Delivery) transaction, transfer money via Moca e-wallet on Grab app, Moca e-wallet on Grab app credit top-up, Grab Subscription purchase, GrabRewards points redemption.

*Grab reserves the right to change the reward offers and points multiplier for payment via cash or Moca E-wallet on Grab app without prior notice.