Our express service is right at your fingertip. Either individual or shop owners, we giving you the freedom to deliver and receive without waiting.

Why GrabExpress?


With fixed and transparent fare right on the app, you will pay the exact amount to our shippers without worrying about any surges charges.

Express Service

With a lightning-fast delivery service, you will get the items right away.


Our professional shippers will ensure you get the items as fast as possible with an utmost care.

Fare Table

Min fare (first 2km)VND 15.000
Basic fare/ km (after the first 2km)VND 5.500/ km
Route Change
Only applicable for route change in 2km radius. If your route change is more than 2km, please proceed for new booking.
Cash on Delivery
The drivers will only pay upfront for COD orders less than 2.000.000đ
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Muti-Stop Delivery
You now can have several deliveries to different customers at once.
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* Note:

  • GrabExpress service applies dynamic pricing based on demand/supply in the area at certain time of the day.

  • Final fares include other surcharges - please refer to the app for more information.

How to use GrabExpress

Download Grab

Scan QR Code


Sending package is so simple and easy – Open the Grab application, choose the “Delivery” icon (swipe from left to right), then fill in the pick-up and drop-off location for your package. Our application will calculate the fixed fares based on the direction and send our driver to you soon. You then can pay him cash with the exact amount on the application.

We will make every reasonable effort to deliver the shipment right after the successful booking, but these are not guaranteed that the receiver is available to be contact. We will call three times to confirm on the delivery times within 15 minutes interval. If we cannot contact the receiver, we will send back the shipment to you.

After finish booking, you will receive a form in the application where you need to fill in all the details so we can contact on your behalf and deliver the shipment.