Advance Booking Terms of Use

Last modified: 18 March 2024


Please read this Advance Booking Terms of Use carefully. This Advance Booking Terms of Use is to be read together with the Terms of Service (collectively, the “Terms of Service”). By using our Service, in particular, the Advance Booking feature found on the Grab Platform, you are deemed to have read, agreed and understood the terms and conditions of our Terms of Service, which are applicable to you. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of our Terms of Service, please do not use or continue using our Platform or Service. 

All defined terms not defined in this Advance Booking Terms of Use, carry the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Service.

The Advance Booking is a feature on the Grab Platform which allows Consumers to book a transport ride up to seven (7) days till 2 hours in advance.

Consumer – Fees

The applicable fee of your scheduled ride will be shown when you select Advance Booking. Please note that the ride is still subject to other applicable surcharges that may apply at the time of booking (e.g., toll, waiting time fee, etc.).

Please note that once your Advance Booking is confirmed, there will be a pre-authorized charge on your default mode of payment (i.e., GrabPay, credit card, debit card). The funds will be on “hold”, and will only be deducted once your ride is completed. If your ride is canceled, you will be refunded, subject to applicable cancellation policies.

Cancellation policy for Advance Booking

Due to changes in circumstances which may be outside of the Consumers’ control, an Advance Booking ride may be canceled. However, in order to ensure that the relevant party is properly compensated, we apply a cancellation charge due. 

  1. A cancellation fee will be applied if the Consumer’s Advance Booking ride is confirmed and accepted by a Driver-partner but is canceled by Consumer in less than 60 minutes prior to the Consumer’s scheduled pick-up time or is canceled by Consumer after the scheduled pick-up time;
  2. Other than the above circumstances, Consumer is entitled to cancel the Advance Booking ride without any cancellation fee applied. 
  3. At the scheduled pick-up time, if the Driver-partner who accepted the Advance Booking does not arrive or arrives late, the Consumer may cancel for free. The Consumer will also be receiving GrabRewards points if the Consumer chooses to cancel. 
  4. After the scheduled pick-up time, if there is no Driver-partner accepting the Advance Booking, the Consumer is entitled to cancel for free and will be receiving GrabRewards points from Grab. 
  5. The Consumer will be subject to a cancellation fee if at the scheduled pick-up time and within 15 minutes after that, the Consumer does not show up. 
  6. The cancellation fee and GrabRewards points for Advance Booking shall be communicated by Grab from time to time under the applicable means of communications at Grab’s sole discretion, including but not limited to through emails, in-app notification, and/or at the service information card shown at the booking screen.
  7. GrabRewards points shall be used for Grab’s services under applicable terms and conditions, and shall be subject to Grab’s policies as applicable at Grab’s sole discretion. 
  8. The Consumer shall also be subject to other applicable fees pursuant to the prevailing Cancellation policy as published in Grab’s website and notified to the Consumer from time to time. 

We reserve the right to add, amend or remove the Terms of Use at any time, without the need for prior notice. If you do not agree to any of the changes, you must stop using our Platform and Services. Please note that your continued use of our Platform and Services will mean that you have agreed and consented to any changes to this Terms of Service.