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Grab Announces New Safety Features to Enhance Ride-Hailing Experience

  • Telematics and in-app button which link to local emergency number are now applied to Grab app across Southeast Asia and Thailand
  • Complement Grab’s existing suites of safety measures protecting passengers and drivers before, during and after every ride

BANGKOK, 25th July 2017 – Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing and mobile payments platform today rolls out telematics in its application across Southeast Asia and Thailand. With predictive data analytics, this feature identifies unsafe driver’s driving behaviors such as speeding, swerving and hard braking or accelerating, and educates them about ways to improve. Grab drivers in Thailand will start receiving telematics updates weekly starting this week.

The launch follows the success of telematics in Singapore, where it was rolled out in June. The feature has helped reduce driver speeding by 15%, instances of hard braking by 11% and instances of sudden hard acceleration by 18% less.

In addition, Grab introduces the in-app 191 button, which allows passengers to connect their call to the Thai Royal Police directly in the event of an emergency. The company is also planning to further develop this feature into a smart, comprehensive and efficient emergency button.

Mr. Yee Wee Tang, Country Head, Grab (Thailand) Ltd. said, “Grab was born out of a mission to make transport safer across SEA including Thailand and safety remains at the heart of our business. We want all our passengers and drivers to ride with peace of mind, whenever and wherever. The launch of telematics and the 191 button underlines our leadership in the ride-hailing industry and shows how much we care for our passengers and driving-partners.”

The newly-launched features will be added to the existing suite of safety measures protecting Grab’s passengers and drivers before, during and after every ride:

  • Before a driver is allowed on the Grab platform, we do a comprehensive safety check, training and face-to-face verification of their details.
  • During a Grab ride: passengers can share their ride details, estimated time and real-time location with their loved ones, ensuring they know exactly where you are along the journey and who their driver is. Moreover, Grab is the first ride-hailing platform that provides insurance. Every Grab rides in SEA is covered by free personal accident insurance.
  • After the ride, we constantly monitor and act on feedback from both drivers and passengers to identify bad and unsafe behaviour.

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