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Grab launches “GrabUnlimited” monthly membership package to tackle rising cost of living, starting from 1 THB across all services



Chantsuda Thananitayaudom, Head of Country Marketing and Partnership, Grab Thailand, introduces “GrabUnlimited” monthly membership package, starting at only 1 THB. The bundle discounts come with three highlights: Valuable – Complete – Comprehensive, offering consumers a cost-saving alternative amidst the inflation crisis. 

Grab Thailand introduces  GrabUnlimited, a monthly membership package of bundle discounts, in efforts to tackle the economic and inflation crisis. Starting at only 1 THB, the package promises discounts across services on the Grab application with special extra promotion code “GUBONUS” covering all Grab services and GrabFood merchant-partners. Teaming up with PP-Krit, the campaign “The Greatest Way to Save” highlights three key benefits: Valuable-Complete-Comprehensive, guaranteeing users a cost-saving alternative that allows them to ride, eat, buy groceries and more for less. 

Chantsuda Thananitayaudom, Head of Country Marketing and Partnership and Head of GrabMart, Grab Thailand, said “Despite positive signs from an improved COVID-19 situation and a recovering tourism industry on the back of the country reopening, the economic outlook in the second half of this year remains challenging, due to the energy and the cost of living crisis which continues to affect all sectors. In particular, with the inflation increasing by 7.66% year-on-year in June and hitting an all-time high in almost 14 years*, consumers are bearing heavier burdens from everyday expenses. Apart from regular promotions and discounts, Grab aims to provide an additional cost-saving alternative with the official launch of GrabUnlimited, a monthly membership package that comes with three key benefits: subscription fee starting at only 1 THB per month, discounts across all  Grab services, and a special bonus code to be used with all Grab services and every restaurant on GrabFood.


“We previously started soft launching the monthly membership package GrabUnlimited in February and the feedback from consumers was positive, with monthly membership package subscribers ordering three times more than general users and over 95% of GrabUnlimited trial users repurchasing the package in the next month. With such a trend, Grab is building on the success of GrabUnlimited by officially launching a marketing campaign “The Greatest Way to Save” to create wider awareness. Grab also teams up with PP-Krit, a singer, actor and icon of the new generation, to introduce the package’s three main benefits:  Valuable – Complete – Comprehensive, through a film commercial and marketing activities which promise to create excitement throughout the second half of this year.”


Three key highlights of the “GrabUnlimited” monthly membership package includes: 

  1. Valuable: GrabUnlimited package has a subscription fee starting at only 1 THB per month. Users will receive a wide range of discounts, such as free GrabFood delivery  worth 20 baht for 50 times, GrabMart free delivery worth 15 baht for 20 times, 10% discount for 2 times when using transporationservices, and 10% GrabExpress delivery discount for 2 times.
  2. Complete: GrabUnlimited package can be used on every service on the Grab application, including food delivery via GrabFood, on-demand everyday goods delivery via GrabMart, parcel delivery via GrabExpress, and transportation services. This benefit reflects the “OneGrab” business strategy which seeks to promote various service usage on the platform and reinforce Grab’s SuperApp positioning.
  3. Comprehensive: GrabUnlimited also offers an exclusive bonus code “GUBONUS” to be used with any restaurant on GrabFood and every service on the Grab application. Moreover, users can unlock access to  discover more package plans on Grab such as GrabFood Super Save Package, which offers up to 55% discount.

 Grab users can purchase  GrabUnlimited package with four simple steps:

  1. Click ‘Package’ icon on Grab homescreen
  2. Select ‘GrabUnlimited’ tab
  3. Make a payement with your credit/debit card, or GrabPay Wallet
  4. Enjoy discount vouchers instantly, , without having to keep your fingers crossed!


 For more information, please visit:

*Source: Trade Policy and Strategy Office, Ministry of Commerce

**Terms and conditions are as specified by the company. For additional promotion details, please visit Facebook: GrabFoodTH, and for further information about purchasing GrabUnlimited package, please visit the Grab application.

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