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Grab Launches the ‘Double the Happiness’ Campaign with a Host of Activities to Double your Joy this year end!!





GrabFood is launching the ‘GrabFood doubled promotion’ campaign, supporting the co-payment scheme after the constantly positive response from GrabFood Land of Food campaign. The campaign continues to be extended by highlighting the most valuable discount offerings of the year with up to 50% discount for consumers together with free delivery across the platform for merchant-partners from today to the end of 2021. The campaign is aimed at supporting Thai restaurants with consistent income opportunities and stimulating consumers’ use of food delivery services in Q4.

Chantsuda Thananitayaudom, Country Marketing & Partnership Head, Grab Thailand said, “After the launch of GrabFood Land of Food in the last September together with responding the government announcement of the 50-50 copayment program phase 3 which the cabinet allows the public to use the scheme via food delivery platforms, the 50-50 copayment program resulted in doubling the participated merchants’ sales after joining the campaign after two weeks. To extend such campaign’s success including merchant partners’ achievement and the benefits to consumers, Grab has launched the ‘doubled promotion’ campaign to support the copayment scheme which gathers more privileges twice. In addition to special offerings with 50% food discount when making orders through the copayment scheme, Grab also offers up to 50% discount to consumers who order food with all non-participating merchants which can be used from today until the end of 2021. This campaign also marks GrabFood’s greatest deals for consumers this year.”

The special benefits for consumers under the ‘doubled promotion’ campaign include

  1. Special 50% food discount when making orders through the 50-50 copayment program, together with additional 50% discount to be used with all GrabFood merchants for the next transactions.
  2. Additional 50% discount for orders made at non-participating GrabFood merchants by applying a discount code “GRAB%)” and paying through GrabPay Wallet*
  3. Free Delivery for the first 5 kilometres for orders made at non-participating merchants with a discount code “FREE” as well as free Delivery for the first 5 kilometres for orders made at participating merchants under the co-payment scheme when paying with GrabFood discount package.*

“Through our on-going marketing campaigns, including the response to government’s 50-50 co-payment scheme, Grab hopes the “GrabFood Land of Food” campaign and the ‘doubled promotion’ campaign will alleviate the consumers’ financial burdens and help boost sales for merchant-partners during an economic recovery as well as stimulate the domestic restaurant business in the last quarter 2021.” concluded Chantsuda.

*Terms and conditions on reduced commission fee as designated by Grab Thailand. For more information, please visit Facebook GrabFoodTH

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