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GrabFood Announces “40 Best Food Delivery Merchants of the Year” Guaranteed by real foodies at the #GrabThumbsUp Awards 2023


At the #GrabThumbsUp Awards 2023 ceremony held to honor and guarantee delicious thumbs up restaurants chosen by service users from all over the country and food and lifestyle experts from many branches, GrabFood No.1* Food Delivery App in Thailand, announces the list of 40 Best Food Delivery Merchants of the Year. With the introduction of 5 new award categories that reflect current consumption trends and 3 special awards for influencers in the food industry, the judging panel for this award was led by Thailand’s top Michelin-starred chefs, Chef Ton Thitit and Chef Pam-Pichaya, as well as Fresh-Thanapong, co-founder of Thanat Chim’s Facebook page, and Noon Patrasaya, editor of The Standard LIFE. Important food industry trends have also been updated for restaurant owners and the general public via a special discussion series called #GrabThumbsUp Talk: A Secret Recipe for Thai Entrepreneurs on How to Cook for Sustainable Growth.

According to Worachat Luxkanalode, Country Head of Grab Thailand, “As a market-leading delivery platform, GrabFood has introduced the #GrabThumbsUp Awards for the first time in 2022 to recognize and endorse the best delivery restaurants of delicious, thumbs up. These restaurants were carefully chosen from over hundreds of thousands of restaurants available on our platform throughout the country, ranging from street food, cafe & bistro, to fine-dining establishments. In addition to the outstanding flavors selected by Grab, these restaurants also have to meet three main criteria: obtaining at least a user rating or satisfaction rating; 4.5 (out of 5), receiving at least 100 positive reviews, and consistently getting high orders through GrabFood to guarantee quality and raise the standard of deliciousness for every consumer.”

“For this year’s special award, the #GrabThumbsUp Awards, we are honored by experts in food and lifestyle consisting of  Chef Thitit Tassanakajorn, chef and owner of one Michelin Star Le Du, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, No. 4 from Le Du and No. 10 from Nusara; Chef Pam-Pichaya Utharntharm, chef and owner of one Michelin-starred PONTONG restaurant and the first and youngest female chef to receive the Opening of The Year award from The 2023 MICHELIN Guide Thailand,  Mr. Thanapong Inthuwanarad Co-Founder of Tanat Chim Facebook Page including Ms. Patsaya Chaorussameekul, editor of THE STANDARD LIFE, to join the committee to select the Best Food Delivery Merchants of the Year.

In addition, we’ve created 5 new award categories: The Best Brunch of the Year (Brunch), Content Master of the Year, GrabFood Collaboration of The Year, New Concept of The Year, and Best seller in GrabKitchen to honor the most modern consuming patterns and trends. The first-ever Influencer Awards were also introduced at the same time as a remarkable award for the top food industry influencers.”

The following 40 restaurants got the “Best Food Delivery Merchants of the Year” award out of the 445 restaurants that won #GrabThumbsUp Awards 2023 this year:

  • Best Street Food Restaurant of the year: Kway Chap Mr. Joe, Chicken Cheese Kebab Pattaya
  • Best Yum-Tum Restaurant of the year: Khoad Yum, Jay Kai Hai Tak (Papaya Salad)
  • Best Seafood Restaurant of the Year: Aob Aroi, Somtum Yum Pao
  • Best Meat Restaurant of the year: Cast Iron Burgerhaus
  • Best Thai Cuisine Restaurant of the year: Baan Ice, Baan Sala Thai
  • Best Korean Restaurant of the year: BORNGA
  • Best Japanese Restaurant of the year: ISAO, Haru Hana Japanese Café
  • Best Chinese Restaurant of the year: Hong Bao
  • Best Italian Restaurant of the year: Nonna Nella by Lenzi
  • Best Coffee Speciality of the year: Roots Coffee, Hock Hoe Lee
  • Best Tea Specialty: Peace Oriental Teahouse
  • Best Cafe and Dessert of the year: Mil Toast House, Farida Tea & Roti
  • Best Healthy and Vegetarian Restaurant of the year: Pimp My Salad
  • Best Selling MICHELIN Guide Restaurant of the year: Phed Phed bistro, Jia Tong Heng Restaurant
  • Best of Popular Local Restaurant of the year: Leng Kee, Khun Jeed Yod Phak, Sam Lueang Noodle by Chansorn, Sam Wela Boat Noodles
  • Best of Popular GrabKitchen Restaurant Of The Year: Eggdrop (에그드랍), Khunchui kaprowboran
  • Best Favorite Restaurant on social media of the year: Puckchumm Kham Hom By Diamond Grains, Dong Charoen
  • Best Selling Restaurant by the Celebrity of the year: Holiday Pastry
  • Best Innovative Packaging of the year: All About Eat
  • Best GrabKitchen Rising Star: PASH Juices, Elvis Suki & Kua Gai (Ha Seng Huat)
  • Best Restaurant with full operation on the Delivery platform: Ruammit Cloud Kitchen by iberry GROUP  

5 new award categories:

  • Best Brunch of the Year: Roast
  • Best Content Master of the Year: The Karaked
  • Best GrabFood Collaboration of The Year: Peace Oriental Teahouse x Restaurant Coda Bangkok
  • Best New Concept of The Year: Look Kor
  • Best seller in GrabKitchen of the year : Meet Mala Noodles 觅小

The Influencer Awards, special awards given to the top food industry influencers, include:

  • GrabFood’s Best Foodie of the Year: Jiranarong, Tigercrys Channel (Sua Rong Hai), Hang Out With Boom-Boomtharis, Kindeeyunuea
  • Social Changemaker Selected by The Cloud:  Chef Bo Duangporn Songvisava
  • Best Trendsetter Brands of the Year: Tao Bin

“Although the COVID-19 scenario will be handled, consumption through delivery platforms is still common and tends to increase steadily** across Southeast Asia, including Thailand. Thais now often receive their meals delivered, which is a crucial tool for expanding restaurant clientele. By the way, GrabFood genuinely believes that the honor #GrabThumpsUp Awards 2023 will be a morale booster with a guarantee of deliciousness for all restaurant partners in this year to foster consumer trust and a diversity of options when ordering meals.”  Worachat concluded, “GrabFood will work to inspire these restaurant partners to uphold the standards of the renowned awards that are promised and to choose top-notch restaurants to satisfy the needs of foodie clients to continue ordering food on our platform”

Keep checking our website for updates on information and a list of restaurants that have won #GrabThumbsUp Awards 2023

*GrabFood No.1* Food Delivery App in Thailand by Kantar, Marketeer and BrandAge

** Reference: Food Delivery Platforms in Southeast Asia 2022 by Momentum Works.

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