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Grab Thailand Teams Up with 7 Strategic Partners Driving EV adoption among driver- and delivery-partners through the ‘Grab EV’ programme


Grab Thailand today hosted the ‘Grab EV-LUTION’ event themed ‘Change for Good,’ to officially announce collaboration with seven strategic partners, namely Rever Automotive, Moove, Swap & Go, EV Station PluZ, H SEM Motor, STROM, and Auto Drive EV. This partnership is a part of the ‘Grab EV’ programme, with the goal of increasing the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among Grab drivers and delivery-partners in Thailand. The goal is to have 10% of the fleets on Grab Thailand’s platform comprised of EVs by 2026.

The event also introduced two new models that will help alleviate the financial burden for Grab drivers and delivery-partners looking to adopt EVs. This includes ‘Drive-to-Own,’ a daily installment-based EV car revenue-based financing model tailored for drivers who wish to provide transportation services with EVs, and ‘End-to-End EV Bike Rental,’ which offers electric motorcycle rentals starting at just 125 Baht per day, catering to riders who provide delivery or passenger services. Through this partnership, over 8,000 EVs are expected to be made available to Grab driver- and delivery-partners by the strategic partners by 2025. In addition, Grab also launched the ‘Grab EV rides’ feature, which will enable users to prioritize searching for available EVs for their rides.

Worachat Luxkanalode, Country Head of Grab Thailand stated, “Climate change and environmental concerns have evolved into global issues, drawing the attention of people from around the world. Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as one of the key solutions that both the public and private sectors are actively promoting to curtail carbon emissions and address climate change. As a leading platform providing on-demand transportation and delivery services, Grab is committed to managing the impact our business has on the environment. We also encourage stakeholders in our ecosystem to participate in our initiatives. By embracing the Triple Bottom Line, we have therefore announced clear goals and guidelines for environmental sustainability and have actively implemented them. Specifically, in Thailand, Grab has consistently promoted and advocated for environmental issues, with a focus on the Grab EV programme aimed at encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among our driver and delivery partners. Our goal is to have 10% of all driver-partners using EVs by 2026.”

“While over 85%* of our Grab driver-partners express interest in transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), we acknowledge the challenges that stand in the way. These concerns include the relatively higher cost of EV models, vehicle performance, and inadequate charging infrastructure. To address these challenges, Grab has partnered with seven leading companies in the EV industry including Rever Automotive, Moove, Swap & Go, EV Station PluZ, H SEM Motor, STROM, and Auto Drive EV – to aggressively drive and implement the ‘Grab EV’ programme. The partnership encompasses two key initiatives: ‘Drive-to-own’ and ‘End-to-end EV bike rental’ models, which will make EVs accessible to our driver-partners.

Maythinee Anavachkul, Head of Mobility, Grab Thailand commented “Grab Thailand has started promoting the use of EVs since 2020. Through our comprehensive study of the behavior and needs of our driver-partners, we have gained valuable insights into their preferences, challenges, and limitations. These insights have facilitated the development of the Grab EV programme, which addresses the challenges and provides our partners with access to EVs.”

“Grab currently acts as a platform that fosters connections across various sectors, including EV manufacturers and distributors, related service providers such as EV charging stations, and financial institutions. This collaborative approach facilitates the exchange of essential information, enabling the development of customized solutions that best cater to the needs of our driver-partners. These solutions range from enhancing the features and capabilities of electric cars and motorcycles to strategically placing charging stations and battery swapping points in areas where our driver-partners are most active.”

Furthermore, to address the financial constraints that are seen as a significant barrier to accessing electric vehicles (EVs), Grab in collaboration with key partners has introduced two new initiatives aimed at easing burden of driver-partners as follows:

  • “Drive-to-Own” Model: Grab is set to collaborate with Moove, the world’s first mobility fintech, and Rever Automotive, the exclusive distributor of BYD in Thailand, to introduce a revenue-based financing product for Grab driver-partners. This initiative will not require individuals to have a credit history; instead, loan approval will be based on one’s track record of service with Grab. Highlights of the Drive-to-Own 72-month loan programme include zero down payment and daily installments, which will be effortlessly deducted from drivers’ wallets. Additionally, driver-partners will enjoy various perks such as complimentary car preventive maintenance, compulsory and type 1 insurance, as well as health and life insurance. This tripartite partnership is expected to launch by the beginning of 2024., with 5,000 EVs expected to be made available to Grab driver-partners by Moove by the end of 2025.
  • “End-to-end EV Bike Rental” Model: Grab has teamed up with three leading EV bike manufacturers and service providers – STROM, H SEM Motor and Swap & Go – to offer electric motorcycle rental services to delivery-partners, starting at a daily rental rate of only THB 125, The rental service offers an array of benefits, including 24-hour unlimited battery swapping, provision of accessories such as rear racks and mobile phone holders, and a charger cable for home or station charging. Additionally, it includes a contingency vehicle for emergency situations, covers car maintenance expenses, offers 3+ class car insurance, and provides expert guidance throughout the usage journey, all at no extra cost. 3,000 EV motorbikes are expected to be made available to Grab delivery-partners by STROM, H SEM Motor and Swap & Go by 2024.

During the event, Grab also organized a panel discussion on the topic of “The Role of the Private Sector in Promoting Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Thailand,” inviting distinguished panelists, including Wisit Pitayaviriyakul Managing Director of Rever Automotive; Arweemas Sirisaengtaksin, Managing Director of Swap & Go; Ladi Delano, Founder of Moove; and Maythinee Anavachkul, Head of Mobility of Grab Thailand. They shared valuable experiences and perspectives on driving EV adoption in Thailand and discussed how to support Grab driver-partners in accessing EVs.

*Grab internal survey with 3,482 driver-partners in June 2023

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