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Grab launched “GrabFood AGENTS OF S.A.L.E”, aiming to stimulate economics and boost the sales of merchant-partners along with announcing a new brand presenter ‘Bella – Ranee Campen’

  • More than 10,000 deals and uplifting GrabFood’s Signature Menu for 550 menus from restaurants nationwide
  • Highlighting 5-stars local restaurants
  • New brand presenter "Bella-Ranee", a talented and beloved actress among Thai people who help reinforce the image of Grab Thailand

Grab Thailand, the leading everyday superapp in Southeast Asia, launched ‘GrabFood AGENTS OF S.A.L.E.’ campaign, bringing more than 10,000 deals and uplifting GrabFood’s Signature Menu for 550 menus from restaurants nationwide together with highlighting 5-stars local restaurants. Grab aimed to stimulate Thai economics as well as boost the sales of merchant-partners nationwide. Under this campaign, Grab also announces a new brand presenter “Bella-Ranee”, a talented and beloved actress among Thai people who help reinforce the image of Grab Thailand.


The 4 highlights of ‘GrabFood AGENTS OF S.A.L.E’ campaign include:

  1. Announcing new brand presenter ‘Bella – Ranee Campen’, a talented and beloved actress among Thai people because of her charming and friendly character. She is one of Grab’s fans who frequently uses various services of Grab app. Therefore, her attractive character will reinforce Grab Thailand’ s image as the leading super app that complements consumers’ daily lives and convince Thai people’s vision to view Grab as their top of mind brand.
  2. Delivering value for services by offering promotions and discounts for more than 10,000 deals* up to 60% discount along with additional 30% discount code. Grab also provides Flash Sale promotions for GrabFood users up to 70% from today until 11 July 2021 with the aim to promote ‘Stay At Home’ social measures, minimize infection risks together with reducing food ordering costs through deals and promotions.  Grab also offers up to 35% discount for GrabPay users who make payment via GrabPay Wallet or credit card from various bank partners from today until 27 June 2021.
  3. Offering a wide selection of food menus for consumers that comes offering Signature Menus over 550 menus nationwide such as Gaggan-style Homemade Pate and Brioche Feuilletee from Greyhound Cafe’ x Gaggan, Prawn Masala from Ms.Maria & Mr.Singh, Truffle & Mushroom Croissant from  Susan Croissant, Matcha Mochi Bowl from Acai Story, Milk Candy from The Rolling Pinn, Yuzu Ice Cube Organic Espresso from Vista Café, exclusively at GrabFood platform who joined the campaign from now until 11 July 2021.
  4. Highlighting local popular restaurants nationwide under ‘GrabThumbsUp’ campaign in Bangkok and 5-Stars local restaurants for those restaurants in the provincial areas in order to promote over 600 popular restaurants nationwide while helping to enhance income opportunities for restaurants in Bangkok and other provinces. The campaign has already piloted the campaign in Bangkok, Khon Kaen and Nakhon Ratchasima, such as Jae Wan Suanluang Chula,Pad Thai Fai Ta lu, and Krua Pradipat . Grab aims to promote 2,000 5-star local restaurants across the country by 2021.


Ms. Chantsuda Thananitayaudom, Country Marketing & Partnership Head, Grab Thailand reveals that “For over 3 years, GrabFood delivery service has been operating and has been standing as a hunger relief agent alongside Thai consumers, especially during the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic where people are encouraged to stay at home by the government. Grab Thailand, therefore, launched  ‘GrabFOOD AGENTS OF S.A.L.E’ campaign, aiming to be supportive agents for local merchant-partners and consumers to overcome COVID-19 outbreak and drive economic recovery. Moreover, to support stay-at-home measures to minimize infection risks together with stimulating Thai economy, Grab can encourage consumption by delivering delicious meals to consumers at home and help increase sales for merchant – partners by offering promotions and a wide selection of menus that comes offering Signature Menus over 550 menus only at GrabFood. Besides, another highlight of this campaign is the announcement of new brand presenter, Bella – Ranee Campen who will help promote our activity and reflects the image of Grab Thailand in various services such as GrabTaxi, GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabExpress, GrabPay etc.”




Bella – Ranee Campen, a talented actress and Grab’s new brand presenter said, “In my daily life, I’m accustomed to using Grab services which becomes my everyday assistant. Because Grab features various services such as GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabExpress and GrabPay, it is an application that addresses many aspects of life, especially for food ordering that offers a wide selection of menus and has many valuable deals. I am delighted to be trusted by Grab for choosing me as the presenter and excited to create a positive image for Grab as well as join Grab marketing campaigns. Finally, I would like to encourage the “GrabFood AGENTS OF S.A.L.E” campaign that comes with plenty of great discounts that Grabfood fans and food lovers shouldn’t miss.




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