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Buriram Pilots Smart Mobility by Using ‘Grab’ to Prepare for MotoGP While Improving Local Livelihoods and Income

  • Buriram to become a pilot province for smart mobility by integrating the ‘Grab’ ride-hailing mobile application in its preparation for the MotoGP to enhance mobility and convenience for tourists and visitors
  • Grab targets the recruitment of an additional 4,000 driver partners to its ride-hailing platform to welcome tourists and visitors to MotoGP event. Grab’s services will connect with other modes of transportation in the province
  • This partnership is one of the key strategies in building a Smart City and a realization of the “Buriram Model” vision to sustainably improve the incomes and quality of life of Buriram residents

Buriram, 14 August 2018 – The Buriram Provincial Government Office has announced its readiness to accommodate tourists and visitors to the MotoGP 15, the world’s number one Grand Prix motorcycle racing event, which will take place on 5 – 7 October 2018 by integrating the ride-hailing mobile application, ‘Grab’ in its Smart Mobility pilot project. The move aligns with the “Buriram Model” vision which aims to boost the province’s economic and tourism growth while sustainably improving the incomes and quality of life of Buriram residents.

The press conference today was graced by Mr. Anusorn Kaewkangwan, the Goverenor of Buriram, who said in his opening speech: “Buriram is moving full-steam ahead in the development of our province with a particular focus on sustainability and innovation. Hosting the MotoGP in Buriram is one of the key strategies that will help the province achieve its “Buriram Model” vision to become the landmark province for tourism, events and sports. This will also make Buriram and Thailand well-known on the world stage. In addition to our partnership with the Buriram Provincial Land Transport Office to prepare a more efficient transport system during the event, we are working with a private sector partner like Grab Thailand to incorporate the ride-hailing application to meet the demands for safe and convenient transportation and seamlessly connect with other modes of transportation. This partnership with Grab is one of our strategies in driving Buriram towards a Smart City future. Buriram is piloting full utilization of ride-hailing technology for the sustainable development of the province’s economic landscape, tourism and society.”

Mr. Newin Chidchob, President of Buriram United International Circuit Company Limited said: “Hosting the MotoGP event is an important opportunity for Buriram, nearby provinces and the economic and tourism growth of other major tourist centres. The event has the potential to help Buriram accelerate its sustainable development goals. Throughout the duration of the race, we estimate that there will be over 100,000 people travelling to Buriram including racers, spectators and tourists, which could bring in more than THB 10 billion to the local economy. Therefore, having an efficient transportation system is necessary to make tourists, trackside spectators and MotoGP fans around the world have good impression of our country. I am pleased that the Buriram Provincial Government Office has taken our hometown to the next level by incorporating with the leading ride-hailing mobile application. The technology will enable locals to earn more income and offer them chances to welcome foreign visitors to their beloved city by themselves.”

Mr. Tarin Thaniyavarn, Country Head of Grab Thailand, added: “Grab admires the ‘Buriram Model’ vision.  We are very pleased to be a part of an initiative that drives Buriram towards a pilot province that utilizes ride-hailing application technology to build its Smart City. Grab ultimately hopes to improve the livelihoods of Buriram people by enabling them to earn more income, have better quality of life and gain access to safer and more convenient transportation, which have always been Grab’s mission. We see it as a great opportunity to optimize existing local  resources and increase the efficiency of the public transportation system to meet the growing demands of Buriram’s economy and tourism. Furthermore, there will be a large number of visitors coming to the global MotoGP event which could lead to the exponential growth of the province’s economy and tourism sectors. Moving forward, we hope to work with other provinces in the same manner.”

The Buriram Provincial Government Office, Buriram United International Circuit, Grab and other involved parties have been preparing for the upcoming MotoGP event in various ways including recruiting driver partners in Buriram and nearby provinces. The parties expect to attract at least 4,000 four-wheel and motorcycle drivers to the ride-hailing platform. The pick-up spot and drivers queueing system for drivers will be setup onsite.  There are plan to further coordinating with the Buriram airport authorities and various hotel networks in arranging service areas, publicizing travel information to tourists as well as providing interested individuals with pre- and post-event promotional codes to allow them to enjoy the benefits of ride-hailing.”

Individuals interested in joining the Grab platform as driver-partners and delivery-partners in Buriram can check out this link for more information

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