Prohibited items on GrabMart

GrabMart is an on-demand delivery service of goods from supermarkets, convenience stores, or fresh-food markets to your house, so the consumers don’t have to leave their home to shop. 

What can be sold on GrabMart?

Products such as fresh produce, vegetables, fruits, beverages, personal care products,  and other products that are not ready-to-eat food (excluding food in GrabFood).

What is controlled sales on GrabMart?

The merchant must submit a confirmation letter for selling products which are required to obtain a license according to law. The product or the merchant must obtain a Notification/License/Declaration/Certificate according to the Drug Act B.E. 2510

Lipstick, brow pencil, foundation, mascara

Vitamin and 

Supplementary Food

Supplementary food that registered as supplementary food
Adult Diapers
Taped adult diapers, adult diaper pants, absorbent pads
Animal Foods

Pellet feed, canned feed, animal milk powder, dried snacks

Contact Lens
Eye contact lens, big eye contact lens (*Must have an FDA label)

Types of products that are not allowed for sale on GrabMart

Alcoholic beverages and products
Liquor, wine, alcohol-containing products
Cigarettes, tobacco, electronic cigarettes
Gambling-related Goods
Cards, slot machines, gambling equipment, lottery ticket
Dangerous Drugs
Modern or traditional drugs declared as dangerous drugs that must be sold only in drug stores
Vitamins and Supplementary Food
Supplementary food that registered as dangerous drugs
Illegal Goods
Drugs, intellectual property infringement products, products that do not obtain a license from the FDA or TISI
Dangerous, flammable goods
Armament, explosives, flammables goods, sparkler, fireworks, car batteries
Chemical hazardous goods
Insecticide or pesticide
Guns, knives, bullets, bombs, swords, club, sharp vetiver
Books, magazines, and pornographic equipment that young people cannot purchase
Living Creature
Cat, fish, rabbit
Animal and Wildlife Products
Ivory, horn, leather
Used Products
Second-hand clothes and shoes
Medical Equipment
Surgical instruments, syringes
Products that cause discrimination
The discrimination of race, color, social, political
Government and corporate uniforms
Military, civil servant, and company uniforms
Tour Packages, accommodation, hotel, spa packages
Cash or discount coupons
Prepaid cards, discount coupons

Characteristics of products that are not allowed for sale on GrabMart

Large-size items or the length per piece exceeds 30 cm
Pottery, cement, refrigerator, television
Fragile, easy-to-break products
Glass products, mobile phone
Stolen products or unidentified source products

Grabtaxi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“Grab”) would like to inform merchants that merchants are required to display valid and accurate TISI mark and TISI number for products that subject to TISI Standard. To ensure compliance with applicable regulations, merchants are required to display details of the TISI mark and number for such products on the Merchant Application by one of the following methods:

  1. Displaying the TISI mark, QR code, and TISI number on the product image, or
  2. Displaying the TISI number in the description box.

Merchants are able to check the list of products subject to TISI Standard at

Grab will not be liable for any damages or losses arising in a fail to display the aforementioned details.

Grab strictly prohibits the merchants from selling non-household drugs through the Grab application

Grabtaxi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“Grab”) would like to inform merchants that from August 3, 2023, onwards, Grab strictly prohibits the merchants from selling non-household drugs through the Grab application. In the event that stores wish to sell household drugs through the Grab application, the merchants must do the following.

  1. Obtaining a Drug Advertising License (KhorTor.) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before selling each household drug
  2. Presenting the license number obtained for each household drug image displayed on the Grab application
  3. Presenting the license number in the description part of each household drug SKU on the Grab application
  4. Using or presenting images or descriptions of the household drugs as attached to the Drug Advertising License (KhorTor.)
  5. The display of images, properties, and descriptions of household drugs complying with the conditions specified in the Drug Advertising License, the Drug Act B.E. 2510, and all relevant laws

In order to comply with the laws, Grab is, therefore, required to remove all drug products displayed on the Grab application, as well as restrict the merchants’ rights to create and edit the product lists on the application, whereby the merchants will not be able to create or edit product lists on the store application themselves from August 3, 2023 onwards. If the merchants wish to create or edit product lists, the merchants may proceed (provided that they comply with the legal requirements specified above) by notifying Grab through the GrabMerchant application on the homepage (highlights) from August 3, 2023, onwards for Grab to further review and proceed.

[Important] For the merchants selling animal drugs and animal feed products

If the merchants wish to sell animal drugs or animal feed products, The merchants must attach documents in relation to the sale of animal drugs or animal feed products during the onboarding process. Please see examples of licenses to sell drugs and licenses to sell animal feed products below.

If you come across a product that is not allowed for sale on GrabMart.

If you come across a GrabMart merchant selling unlicensed or controlled products, you can submit a complaint to Grab here. Staff are available and will respond within 24 hours, every day.

Want to appeal?

In the case where GrabMart merchants violate the rules and the right to access the Grab application is temporarily or permanently suspended and would like to request our staff to reconsider or would like to request additional information regarding the suspension. Please submit your request here.

Grab always records consumer reports history. If you receive an email notification of these reports, Grab would like you to take precautions to prevent the occurrence of these incidents. If the occurrence rate or frequency is not in accordance with the specified criteria, we will consider taking further action in the future.