Ride carbon neutral with Grab!

On every ride, you can contribute to reducing carbon emissions

by giving to support tree planting with us, starting with a 1 Baht donation.


One small act, biggg difference—choose to go carbon neutral when you ride with us.

📍 You can opt in to donate money on every ride to contribute to forest restoration and conservation projects in Thailand

📍 By opting in, there’ll be an additional 2 Baht for each car ride 🚗 or 1 Baht for each bike ride you book.🛵 The amount stays the same regardless of the fare.

📍 With the help of Conserve Natural Forests, a tree-planting project based in Pai district of Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand and our partnership with Ecomatcher, we plant a tree each time you complete 50 Grab rides (while opted in to the Carbon Neutral Donation).  🌳

Opt in or out anytime
There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Method 1
    From “Account”: Select “Support the Environment”
  • Method 2
    From “Transport”: After you enter your destination and pick-up point, select “• • •” above the booking button.Opting in or out will take effect from the next ride you book.

💚 Let’s do our part in taking action against climate change together! 💚

Opt in Here


*The feature is available with the latest version of Grab app (v5.157.0)
**  Terms & conditions apply


Terms & Conditions

  1. You agree to opt in/ participate in Grab’s Carbon Offset Initiative by contributing to the carbon neutral donation (“Carbon Neutral donation”). For each ride in which you contribute to the Carbon Neutral donation, the ride shall be considered as a carbon offset ride (“Carbon Offset Ride”). Your participation is voluntary and you may opt-out at any time.
  2. Once you opt-in for the project of Carbon Neutral donation, the donation will be applied to your next ride and the subsequent rides (for both motorcycle or car) until you terminate to participate in the project by turning off the toggle.
    There are 2 ways to do this:

    • Method 1
      From “Account”: Select “Support the Environment”
    • Method 2
      From “Transport”: After you enter your destination and pick-up point, select “• • •” above the booking button.Opting in or out will take effect from the next ride you book
  3. Under Grab’s Carbon Offset Initiative, you can neutralise your carbon footprint when travelling with Grab by contributing to a Carbon Neutral donation for every Carbon Offset Ride you have taken. The Carbon Neutral donation will be used to plant trees that will help with the absorption of the greenhouse gases. Each Carbon Offset Ride purchased from your Carbon Offset Ride will contribute to Grab’s tree planting project in collaboration with a third party partner (“Ecomatcher”) (our aggregator and tech provider for environmental solutions) and Conserve Natural Forest. Your Carbon Neutral donation will be used for planting trees through the Conserve Natural Forest program.
  4. The trees will be planted in accordance with the growing season at the discretion of Ecomatcher and Conserve Natural Forest, to ensure optimal survivability.  Grab is not and will not be involved with the planting activities and shall not be liable for the condition, growth or otherwise of all trees planted under the Carbon Offset Initiative.
  5. By opting in into the Carbon Offset Initiative, you acknowledge and accept that the Initiative is run by Grab with Ecomatcher and Conserve Natural Forest which is/are responsible for the activities under the Initiative including the actual reforestation activity.
  6. By participating in this Carbon Offset Initiative, you agree that you shall not be entitled to any legal or beneficial ownership to the tree linked to you. The Carbon Neutral donation is not refundable and not tax deductible.
  7. The Carbon Neutral donation amount is calculated from the average consumer usage and will vary based on vehicle type (motorcycle or car). This is calculated by using 2020 DEFRA Guidelines source emissions factors and following guidance of Greenhouse Gas Protocol, with country-specific factors applied where possible. The amount of donation for each carbon offset ride by car is 2 baht and for each carbon offset ride by bike is 1 baht.
  8. For every 50 Carbon Offset Rides taken in every calendar quarter, Grab will provide you a link to a tree (“Personalized Tree”). If you are unable to complete 50 carbon offset rides in the calendar quarter, Grab shall have the discretion to combine your Carbon Offset rides with that other passenger who is also unable to fulfil the 50 Carbon Offset Ride to fund a tree to be planted. In such circumstances, no link to a tree shall be given to you or the other passenger.  At the end of every quarter of the calendar year, your Carbon Offset Rides shall be zeroised and a fresh tabulation of the Carbon Offset Rides will commence again. For avoidance of doubt, the Carbon Offset Rides taken in one country are only counted in that country for the purpose of computing the eligibility of obtaining the Personalized Tree; similar rides taken in another country will not be transferred for this purpose.
  9. Once a link of the Personalized Tree has been given to you, Grab shall directly email or send an in-app notification to you.
  10. You will need to use the EcoMatcher Treetracker platform to view, name and interact with your Personalised Tree. Available trees will be allocated to you, in the event there are no available trees, you will be allocated to a tree at the next given planting cycle.
  11. Grab does not guarantee the accuracy or correctness of your carbon footprint calculation; which is largely dependent on the actual conditions of your rides and the type of vehicles used.
  12. You agree that a portion of your cash contribution to the Initiative will be held by Grab for administration purposes strictly related to this project. A minimal sum (THB 0.40) shall be used on your behalf for such purposes including but not limited to 1) taxation changes 2) carbon offset price increases due to market conditions and, 3) foreign exchange fluctuations and, 4) bank rolling charges. Any unused portion will be ultimately remitted to Ecomatcher for the purpose of purchasing additional trees.
  13. Grab reserves the right to alter, add to, reduce the terms and conditions herein. By not opting out, you hereby agree to these terms and conditions as amended from time to time.